What is Swiss jazz?

Radio Swiss Jazz is a non-commercial, ad-free and talk-free radio station playing a large variety of the finest jazz, soul and blues 24 hours a day. The repertoire features around 8,000 titles, with an average share of 50 % of music related to Switzerland.

Does Jazz FM still exist?

The Jazz FM name was retained by GMG for the relaunched ejazz.fm website service which was renamed jazzfm.com on the same day as the launch of Smooth FM….102.2 Jazz FM.

First air date 4 March 1990
Website jazzfm.com

Where is Jazz FM based?

Jazz FM is a digital radio station, based in Londo, United Kingdom owned and operated by Bauer media as well as its sister stations scala, magic, planet rock and greatest hits radio. Their emission include musical genres such as jazz, soul and blues.

Who owns Swiss jazz?

Swiss Satellite Radio (SSatR) is a radio company owned by SRG SSR that includes three stations: Radio Swiss Pop (pop music); Radio Swiss Jazz (jazz, soul and blues) and Radio Swiss Classic (classical music) all without interruptions. These stations have been on air since 1 September 1998.

What channel is Jazz FM on?

102.2 Jazz FM
London station 102.2 Jazz FM was launched on 4 March 1990 with a concert performed by Ella Fitzgerald at the Royal Albert Hall. Jazz FM played mainly soul and jazz music and was broadcast to the London area.

How can I get Jazz FM?

On the app: Download or update the official JAZZ. FM91 app for your iOS or Android device. On the web: Listen directly on the web at jazz.fm.

Who is Anne Frankenstein?

The presenter and DJ, formerly known as Anne Frankenstein, has taken the decision to broadcast using her real name – Deb Grant. The Midmornings and The Late Lab presenter, who has been with Jazz FM since 2017, announced the news on social media in a candid video.

What radio channel is jazz?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel State
KRTU-FM 91.7 MHz Texas
KRWV-LP 99.3 MHz Arizona
KSBR 88.5 MHz California
KSDS 88.3 MHz California

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