How many spars are there in South Africa?

Our most significant income is from South Africa where we operate six distribution centres and one Build it distribution centre. These supply and service 903 independently owned SPAR stores locally, as well as five countries on the African continent.

Is there SPAR in South Africa?

SPAR South Africa was established in 1963 and operates four retail formats: SPAR Supermarkets, SPAR Express (operated in conjunction with Shell as a petrol forecourt store), KWIKSPAR (which focuses on convenience in city centres and high footfall locations), and SUPERSPAR (similar to EUROSPAR in offer).

How many spars are there?

13,500 SPAR stores
There are now more than 13,500 SPAR stores in over 48 countries on four continents, meeting the needs of over 14.5 million consumers every day.

Who owns the most spars in South Africa?

Giannacopoulos Group
The locally-based Giannacopoulos Group, in the space of 21 years, has done more than any other family in South Africa to build the Spar brand, purchasing their first Spar, Andrews in Empangeni in 1998, to now becoming the largest privately and family-owned group of Spars in South Africa.

Who are spars competitors?

SPAR Group’s top competitors include Koupon Media, Array Marketing, BBMG and Crealytics.

How much does SPAR pay per hour in South Africa?

SPAR Distribution Centre Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Merchandiser Range:R16 – R29 Average:R21
Receiving Clerk Range:R17 – R42 Average:R27
Cashier Range:R15 – R30 (Estimated *) Average:R21
Baker Range:R15 – R40 (Estimated *) Average:R23

How many pharmacies does SPAR have in South Africa?

With more than 140 independently owned Pharmacy at SPAR stores nationwide – including clinics at selected stores – you can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that there is a Pharmacy at SPAR near you or alongside your favourite SPAR, TOPS at SPAR or Build it stores.

How many Pick n Pay stores in South Africa?

Pick n Pay also owns a 49% share of Zimbabwean supermarket chain, TM Supermarkets. Pick n Pay Stores Ltd….Pick n Pay Stores.

Type Public
Headquarters Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa
Number of locations 1,628 (968 company-owned and 660 franchised)
Area served Southern Africa

What countries use SPAR?

Since 2000, SPAR has entered three key developing countries, recognised as economic powerhouses: Russia, China and India. SPAR has continued to expand in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Is SPAR a British company?

SPAR, originally DESPAR, styled as DE SPAR, is a Dutch multinational that provides branding, supplies and support services for independently owned and operated food retail stores. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1932, by Adriaan van Well, and now consists of more than 13,500 stores in 48 countries.

What is the most popular store in South Africa?

With Steinhoff dropped, Shoprite has emerged as the biggest South African retailer on the list, with retail revenues growing from $10.34 billion to $11.29 billion….South African retailers.

Retailer Shoprite
Countries 15
FY2016 revenue 9 038
FY2017 revenue 11 294
% Change 25.0%

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