Which type of cement contains pozzolana?

PPC is a type of blended cement. It consists of 15-35% pozzolanic material, 4% gypsum and the rest is clinker. PPC as per BIS code is equivalent to that of 33 grade.

Which is better pozzolan and Portland cement?

Pozzolana materials namely fly ash, volcanic ash, are added to the OPC so that it becomes PPC….The main differences in their characteristics and uses are –

It has higher strength than PPC in the initial stage. The strength of PPC is good than OPC in long terms.

What is pozzolana made of?

Natural pozzolana is often composed mainly of a fine chocolate-red volcanic earth. Industrial, artificial pozzolans are produced in furnaces where organic materials, such as coal, are burned and the ash is reclaimed. Fly ash is the most common form of industrial pozzolan.

Is Dalmia OPC or PPC?

Dalmia Cement Grade PPC Cement PPC is a variation of OPC which includes a mixture of a pozzolanic material which is known to increase the strength of concrete and reduce the amount of OPC used. Now a days PPC is used as a replacement to OPC.

Which is cheaper OPC or PPC?

PPC produces highly durable concrete as it has low water permeability compared to OPC. PPC has low initial setting strength compared to OPC but hardens over a period of time with proper curing. And PPC is cheaper also compared to OPC.

What is Colour cement?

Coloured Cement is essentially ordinary portland cement in which 5-10 % pigments are added to produce colour. The grey colour does not allow much aesthetics in construction to an architect. The commercial name of white and coloured cement in India is. Table Of Contents. Coloured Portland Cement.

Who discovered pozzolana?

the Romans
Although the Romans typically are credited with inventing pozzolana based cement, there is archeological evidence that the Greeks were using their own pozzolana from the eruption at Thera (Santorini) for water cisterns as early as 600 B.C. as well as for methods of wall construction only later adopted by the Romans.

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