What is a hybrid K04?

The HPA K04 Hybrid upgrade offers a higher operational boost range, while still working with the stock componentry; making for a natural and cost-effective upgrade. This K04 Hybrid conversion allows for a seamless integration, without the need for custom fabrications or aftermarket diverter valves.

What is the difference between a hybrid turbo and regular turbo?

A Hybrid Turbo simply means a non-standard or potentially upgraded turbocharger. This consits of a turbo with combined parts from different frame sizes and potentially different manufactures, such as Garrett or BorgWarner to make the ultimate performance turbo.

What type of turbo is a K04?

Turbocharger: APR uses Genuine Borg Warner components. The heart of the system is a Borg Warner K04-64….Features:

Brand APR
Product Type Turbocharger System
Software Included Yes
Turbo Brand Garret Honeywell
Turbo Type Drop-in Turbo

What cars have K04 turbo?

K03 vs K04 Turbo for the Audi & Volkswagen 1.8T

Vehicle Application Item
1997-2006 Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T Stigan K04
1997-2006 Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T BorgWarner K04
2002-2005 VW Golf/Jetta/Beetle, 2001-2006 Audi TT (Engine Code AWP) Stigan K03
2002-2005 VW Golf/Jetta/Beetle, 2001-2006 Audi TT (Engine Code AWP) BorgWarner K03

How big is a ko4 Turbo?

On the turbine side, the OEM K04 uses a 50.1mm inducer and a 44.5mm exducer 12-blade cast wheel. The CST4 uses a 56.2mm inducer and 49mm exducer high-flow 9-blade design. Again, the CST4 outshines the K04 with the turbine inducer being 12% larger and the exducer 10% larger.

How much boost can a K04 handle?

The typical K04 software usually ranges from 15-20 psi.

How big is the ko4 turbo?

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