Why did Taylor Lil Bit leave Party Down South?

More bad news for CMT’s flagship reality show Party Down South. One of the most popular cast members, Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright, has quit the show due to safety concerns over what transpires in the Party Down South house, and because she feels like the message of the show is in conflict with her religious beliefs.

What season does Lil Bit leave Party Down South?

Lil’ Bit, the small yet feisty blonde of Party Down South season 1 and 2, has been out of the reality show game for a bit, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been up to a lot. Before season 5 kicks off Jan. 28 at 9/8c, Taylor filled us in on life after leaving the show.

Who is Lil Bit from Party Down South?

Party Down South’s Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright has found herself in trouble once again.

Is Lil Bit from Party Down South married?

Party Down South star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is engaged! A source exclusively tells In Touch that the reality star’s husband-to-be, Dalton Elliott, popped the question on Tuesday while on the beach on the Eastern shore of Virginia.

How much does Party Down South cast get paid?

The cast members were only paid $500 per episode for their services, while the cast of the similar Jersey Shore were making six figures a piece in the later seasons of that show.

Did Lil Bit and daddy hook up?

In the clip, Daddy storms off after declaring that he will “never be friends” again with Lil Bit. The costars admitted that they hooked up in between seasons, but their relationship got rocky after Taylor revealed that she has a boyfriend back home.

Who is Taylor Lil Bit Wright husband?

Wright’s husband, Jake Mapp, said his wife punched his mother in the eye during an argument.

Who is Lil Bits boyfriend?

Party Down South star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is expecting her first child with boyfriend Dalton Elliott. In a new interview, the former reality star opened up about her pregnancy, and revealed why she left the show ahead of Season 3.

Who is Lil Bit Baby Daddy?

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