Who is Mr L in Super Paper Mario?

L, also known as The Green Thunder, is Luigi’s evil alter ego after being hypnotized by Nastasia, who makes his first appearance in Super Paper Mario, serving as an acolyte of the evil Count Bleck.

What is Mimi Super Paper Mario?

Mimi. Mimi is one of the main antagonists in Super Paper Mario. She is a minion of Count Bleck. Her most notable power is her shapeshifting ability, which she uses to mimic the appearance of characters such as Bowser, Merlee, and King Sammer.

What is the passcode for Francis in Super Paper Mario?

You’ll soon come across the security-cat for Francis’ first room. Answer “true” to all three of its questions, then type in the pass code you learned from the sign earlier: 2323.

When was Super Paper Mario released?

April 9, 2007Super Paper Mario / Initial release date

How did Luigi turn into Mr L?

Before turning evil, Luigi tries to stop Count Bleck from using the Chaos Heart; however, after being trapped in Castle Bleck, Luigi gets brainwashed by Nastasia, ultimately turning him into Mr. L.

Does Mimi have a crush on Mario?

Mimi likes to watch reruns of the “Super Ultra Goomba Bros.” Mimi is obsessed with boys which is known that she likes to have a boyfriend the most and has a crush on Count Bleck, Mario, and Dimentio.

Who is Francis in SMG4?

Francis is the latest major character in SMG4 to originate from a pre-existing franchise. Francis is the latest major character in SMG4 to originate from the Mario series since Fishy Boopkins’ debut in SMG4 N’ Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1, nearly three years earlier.

What do Squirps eat?

Squirps will be so delighted by the chocolate you feed him, he’ll split into two and fill in both slots on the pillars, revealing another door.

Is Super Paper Mario canon?

It should be noted that the Paper Mario series has made several connections to other games as well with an interview of the creator confirming that the overall franchise having no canon to speak of. As such, both versions of Mario are still considered the same character.

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