What type of thermostat is required on a millivolt room heater?

Millivolt systems require a specific type of low voltage thermostat. Designed for use with gas fireplaces and some heating systems, our selection of millivolt thermostats can be used with or without an external power source.

Does Nest thermostat work with millivolt?

The Nest is not like a thermostat that typically uses internal relays to switch on/off the call for heat/cooling and thus don’t really care what the voltage being switched is. The Nest is all solid state, so likely will not work to switch a millivolt relay.

Do I need a millivolt thermostat?

Millivolt systems are not very common and are primarily used in direct- or top-vent wall furnaces. These types of systems require a special thermostat and don’t work with standard low-voltage thermostats. Millivolt thermostats use very low voltage, usually 750 millivolts (mV) or 0.75 volts.

How do you wire a millivolt thermostat?

How do I Wire a Honeywell Millivolt Thermostat?

  1. Turn off the electricity to your heating unit, such as a furnace or boiler.
  2. Connect one thermostat wire to one screw terminal on your millivolt thermostat’s wall plate.
  3. Connect the second thermostat wire to the second screw terminal on your thermostat.

Does ecobee work with millivolt systems?

Unfortunately, the Ecobee (and Nest and most other competitors as well I believe) don’t support millivolt heaters natively. They only support the HVAC wiring system.

What does a millivolt mean?

one thousandth of a volt
Definition of millivolt : one thousandth of a volt.

How many wires does a millivolt thermostat have?

Millivolt heating systems use two thermostat wires for operation.

How many millivolts does it take to open a gas valve?

A new 750 should put out 750 if pilot flame is proper. Under load 550 is good. Alot of valves require min. 350mv to open burner.

Is ecobee a two stage thermostat?

ecobee thermostats only support up to two stages of heating and cooling.

Does ecobee work with ductless mini split?

Can Ecobee or Nest Control Your Mini Split? Yes, it is possible to use Nest or Ecobee to control your ductless mini split. However, it’s not a simple DIY solution. Setting up Ecobee or Google Nest mini split control will require a professional, and you may also lose some functionality.

How does a millivolt gas control work?

Millivolt Gas Valve This type of valve makes use of a standing pilot that continuously burns to heat a device, either a thermocouple or thermopile, which then produces a small amount of electricity – less than a single volt, hence “milli”-volt.

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