What anime is Aira?

Aira Nanahoshi (七星あいら, Nanahoshi Aira) is a character in Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is a parallel version of Aira Harune, the protagonist of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream and also a supporting character from Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. She was formerly an idol, and now a designer.

Who are the saints in PriPara?

Saints is a retired Divine idol group. They are thought to be the top PriPara idols. In Episode 1, it was stated that their last performance was three years ago. They have only ever received cameo appearances in the anime, and little details are known about them.

Is Aira beautiful?

Aira Harune (春音 あいら Harune Aira) is the main protagonist of the anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. She is a friendly girl who loves fashion and is known for being clumsy….

Aira Harune
Affiliation Pretty Top MARs
Animal Coach Rabi-chi
Personal Status

Who does Aira end up with in pretty rhythm?

When Shou invites Aira to move with him to New York and take up fashion design, Aira chooses to go and spend her life with him. The two can be seen walking through New York together in Dear My Future’s ending, and it is shown that true to his word, she has now become his design partner and they are still in love.

Is Aria a Shonen?

The series is set in the 24th century on a terraformed Mars, now named Aqua, and follows a young woman named Akari Mizunashi as she trains as an apprentice gondolier (known as Undines)….Aria (manga)

Published by Mag Garden
English publisher ADV Manga (former) Tokyopop (current)
Magazine Monthly Comic Blade
Demographic Shōnen

What order should I watch King of Prism?

King of Prism debuted as a film series in 2016, with the first film, King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm releasing in January 9, 2016. It was then followed by King of Prism: Pride the Hero in 2017, King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars in 2019, and King of Prism All Stars: Prism Show Best 10 in 2020.

Is aria good anime?

Aria is decently well-known in the anime community. An iyashikei show, it might not be as watched as some works, but it’s well-respected by those who have seen it, especially among slice-of-life fans. It’s so popular with that crowd that it gained a reputation for being an elitist anime of choice.

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