What are the current issues in Kenya?

The top five challenges are 1) Corruption and weak governance; 2) COVID-19 pandemic related economic slowdown; 3) Weakened consumer spending (leading to rising unemployment and poverty); 4) Lower public investment and fiscal austerity; and 5) Security.

What are the devolved functions in Kenya?

The devolved functions in Kenya performed by county governments are as follows. Agriculture, including crop and animal husbandry, livestock sale yards, county abattoirs (slaughterhouses), plant and animal disease control, and fisheries.

What is devolution government?

Devolution is the transfer or delegation of power from a central government to a subnational, local authority. Prominent examples of devolution include the powers granted to Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly of Wales, and the Northern Ireland Assembly in the United Kingdom.

Is Kenya politically stable?

Since independence in 1963, Kenya has maintained remarkable stability, despite changes in its political system and crises in neighbouring countries. Particularly since the re-emergence of multiparty democracy, Kenyans have enjoyed an increased degree of freedom.

How many functions have been devolved to the county government?

Before looking at the list of 14 functions specifically assigned to Counties, it is worth highlighting that the foremost responsibility of both levels of government is to provide for the well-being of citizen through the equitable and accountable provision of services (see objectives of devolution, Art. 174).

Is water a devolved function in Kenya?

Kenya’s new Constitution (Constitution of Kenya 2010) came into effect in 2013, declaring water supply and sanitation services a basic right and devolving key water and sanitation functions to the county level.

Why is devolution important in government?

In England, devolution is the transfer of powers and funding from national to local government. It is important because it ensures that decisions are made closer to the local people, communities and businesses they affect.

Which of the following is the best example of devolution?

d. devolution is an effort by the national government to return some powers to the states. Block Grants, which allow states to spend federal money using some discretion, are an example of devolution. which of the following is the best example of devolution?

What is Kenya’s government structure?

Unitary stateRepresentative democracyPresidential system

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