What are the 7 tips for hiking?

7 Tips to Make Your First Hike Successful

  • Start easy and find a good trail that meets your fitness level.
  • Check the weather.
  • File a trip report.
  • Pack the Ten Essentials.
  • Function over fashion.
  • Drink and eat well.
  • Follow trail etiquette aka Leave No Trace.

How can I improve my trekking?

6 Ways to Improve Your Hiking Stamina

  1. Run/Walk.
  2. Start Weight Training.
  3. Try Hill Intervals.
  4. Increase Your Exercise Frequency.
  5. Work on Your Breathing Technique.
  6. Build Mental Toughness.

What are the basics of trekking?

Basic Essentials During Trekking

  • An identity card – Original and Photocopies (MANDATORY)
  • BackPack & Rain Cover (50-60 liter)
  • Day Pack & Rain Cover (20-30 liter, If you hire mule or porter)
  • 1 ltr of pet water bottle or hydration pack.
  • Floaters or Sandals, Trekking Shoes (waterproof are better during snow and rain)

How do you prepare yourself for hiking?

However, here are a few final tips to keep in mind:

  1. Let someone know of your hiking plans.
  2. Only take what’s necessary for a safe, enjoyable hike to avoid carrying too much weight.
  3. Always bring enough water.
  4. Choose a trail you can handle and give yourself time to build up to more difficult levels.
  5. Hike with a companion.

What makes hiking easier?

Maintain a regular exercise program so that you hit the trail with a good base of fitness. If you’ve fallen off a training program, get back on it two to three months prior to a trip. The better your physical condition, the more you’ll enjoy whatever distance you hikeā€”and the less likely you are to get hurt.

How do you plan a trekking trip?

9 Tips for Planning the Perfect Hiking Trip

  1. Know your route. The first step of a great hiking trip is choosing your trail.
  2. Choose the right shoes. Footwear can make the difference between an enjoyable hike and hours of pain.
  3. Play it Safe.
  4. Dress in layers.
  5. Be prepared.
  6. Get in shape.
  7. Know your limits.
  8. Pack light.

Is trekking an exercise?

One of the major benefits of trekking is that it improves your physical health immensely. Spending multiple hours on the trail, climbing around boulders, rock hopping and ascending hills gives your whole body a workout, improving your strength, agility and cardio fitness.

What are the benefits of trekking?

Here are our top eight benefits of trekking and active holidays.

  • Overall improved fitness: One of the major benefits of trekking is that it improves your physical health immensely.
  • Reduces Stress:
  • Improves Cardiovascular strength:
  • Social benefits:
  • Softer skill development:
  • Cultural Understanding:
  • Inner Cleanse:

What are the four basic requirements equipments of trekking?


  • Pair of polarizing sun-glasses (to be comfortable and to avoid potential snow-blindness)
  • Backpack and backpack cover (against rain and dust)
  • Map of the trekking area.
  • Head torch, or small torch, plus spare batteries.
  • Sleeping bag and silk liner.
  • 2 x water bottles.

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