What makeup does Rory Gilmore use?

For Rory’s simple eye makeup, Tegan applied a subtle back line along her top lashes with a dark brown line underneath. “I achieve this is by wetting an angled eyeliner brush and using eyeshadow for the liner. I love Carbon and Brun by MAC,” she says.

What lipstick does Lorelai wear?

There are quite a few—from MAC’s Viva Glam (real) to Lorelai’s favorite Vicious Trollop lipstick (disappointingly fictional). Both Rory and Lorelai regularly pine for Sephora, and many scenes are set within the Stars Hollow Beauty Supply Shop.

Is Gilmore Girls a book?

The Gilmore Girls book series by multiple authors includes books Like Mother, Like Daughter, Gilmore Girls: I Love You, You Idiot, I Do, Don’t I?, and several more. See the complete Gilmore Girls series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles.

What personality type is Rory Gilmore?

Rory Gilmore is an ISFJ personality type. Reliable and loyal, you can always count on Rory to keep her word. As an ISFJ, Rory is detail-oriented, to the point of being a perfectionist.

What lipgloss does Rory Gilmore use?

According to Brittany Cale on TikTok, the only lip product used on Bledel in “Gilmore Girls” was the Classic Cherry ChapStick.

Is there a lipstick called vicious trollop?

Since you’re already consumed by the Gilmore Girls obsession resurgence happening now, you’ll be happy to know that you can also have your own “Vicious Trollop,” in the form of an orange vanilla-flavored pink lip tint.

Does Rory Gilmore wear makeup?

Because Rory looks like a young, fresh-faced, human angel sent back down to earth as a gift to us all, she doesn’t wear much makeup.

Are Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham closed?

Lauren Graham has love for Alexis Bledel However, when it comes to her “Gilmore Girls’ daughter, Alexis Bledel, the two don’t seem to have that close connection. “I am so happy for Alexis and all of her success,” Graham told the outlet in 2020.

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