What movement is IWC Portuguese?

Valjoux/ETA 7750 movement
For the first 21 years of production, the watch was powered by the Valjoux/ETA 7750 movement.

Is IWC automatic?

All wound up – IWC’s automatic self-winding watches IWC has equipped its automatic watches with the renowned Pellaton automatic winding system since it was first developed in the 1950s.

Do IWC keep their value?

Do IWC Watches Keep Their Value? Yes, IWC watches have a fantastic track record of holding their value, with some models actually appreciating in value as time goes on. This is primarily because the brand is highly regarded by experts the world over, thanks to its unrivalled technological prowess.

Why are IWC watches so thick?

The IWC Big Pilot has to be this thick because of its soft-iron inner case, which protects against magnetic fields. That being said, however, if there was one overriding takeaway from all the timepieces I wore last year, it was this — I hate thick watches.

Do IWC make their own movements?

Meanwhile, IWC does make in-house movements, but some of its Pilot Chronograph watches are driven by a modified Valjoux 7750 tucked inside an exquisite case that IWC proudly crafts within the confines of its Schaffhausen factory. All of Rolex’s movements are produced in-house.

Is IWC portugieser waterproof?

The IWC Portugieser Chronograph 3714 is water-resistant to 30 metres only, which might be one of the main issues I have with this watch. Considering the nautical inspiration, IWC should improve the water-resistance to 100 metres – for more versatility. However, for the rest, the case is simply very well executed.

Are IWC good investments?

Are IWC Watches a Good Investment? Absolutely. As well as looking good, IWC watches can provide a fantastic opportunity for investment. The timepieces have a history of creeping up in value over the years, making them a great alternative to more well-known brands.

How often should I service my IWC watch?

After an overhaul, your IWC watch will look like new. We recommend that your watch have a complete service approximately every five years. The intervals between individual services vary considerably depending on how the watch is used and the conditions under which it operates.

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