Can u camp on beach at Bremer Bay?

There are two caravan parks in the town itself if you are looking for a few more creature comforts. However, the best camping lies on the beaches east and northeast of Bremer Bay itself. You need a 4WD to get to these locations, and you’ll want to be self-sufficient.

Can you camp at Peppermint beach Bremer Bay?

Peppermint beach has camping areas along the track. The tracks around here are easy forestry tracks though the access to the beaches may require that you let your tyres down. The area out towards Point Henry has very easy access to Blossoms Beach. There is no vehicle access to Short Beach.

What beaches can you camp on WA?

13 best beach camping spots in WA

  • Cleaverville camping area, Karratha.
  • Gnoorea Point Campground, Karratha.
  • Warroora Station, Ningaloo.
  • Cape Range National Park, Exmouth.
  • Dirk Hartog Island.
  • Edel Land National Park, Shark Bay.
  • Francois Peron National Park.
  • Shark Bay Shire Campgrounds.

Where can I watch the sunset in Bremer Bay?

STOP 2: Bremer Bay Beaches

  • Native dog Beach and Blossom Beach to the east of Bremer Bay face west making them great for watching sunsets.
  • Little Boat Harbour faces north and is protected by Henry Point.
  • Short Beach is to the south of Bremer Bay facing east and is sheltered by a rocky reef.

Do you need a 4WD for Lucky Bay Kalbarri?

You also need a 4WD to get to Lucky Bay. The bay has a reef that runs parallel with the beach out about 50 metres, and it blocks most of the swell that comes in. The result is a bay that is flat calm, with some great fishing, snorkelling and surfing (the waves are further south).

Do you need a 4WD for Bremer Bay?

To travel in and around Bremer Bay, you’ll need a car. There are a few 4WD tracks in town that are not 2WD accessible, so check ahead to ensure your car will safely manage the route you’re taking.

Can you swim at Bremer Bay?

Bremer Bay is renowned for it’s many beautiful beaches. From hidden coves to sprawling white sandy beaches and turquoise water you will not be disappointed. There is always a beach for any weather and the best fishing, swimming and boating on offer.

Is there surf in Bremer Bay?

The best time of year for surfing Bremer Bay with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Winter and most often the month of July. Clean surfable waves are typically found 60% of the time in July while 31% of the time it tends to be blown out.

Can you sleep on Preston Beach?

Despite what you may have heard, camping on Preston Beach is not permitted, and you will get a fine from the ranger if you get caught camping there. A lot of people ‘fish all night’ with a tent set up behind them, and will get away with it, but technically its a no go.

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