What is better first focal plane or second focal plane?

There is no “better” between the two focal planes. Higher magnification ranges are better in a first focal plane scope. Lower magnification is fine for second focal plane scopes. If you’re into precision shooting, especially in matches, and you don’t mind the cost: a first focal plane riflescope is great to have.

What is the difference between first and second focal scopes?

Basically, the difference between a first and second focal plane scope is where the reticule is positioned within the rifle scope. This affects the image seen at different magnifications. If you shoot at varying ranges then first focal plane scopes are extremely useful.

What is second focal plane good for?

In second focal plane riflescopes, the reticle stays the same size while the target grows and shrinks when you adjust the magnification. These reticles are ideal for low-light hunting situations and in scopes that don’t utilize hash marks for range estimation.

Is second focal plane better?

Second focal plane rifle scopes are useful for visibility throughout all magnification ranges and when paired with a ballistics turret allow you to center punch regardless of the magnification.

What is a zero stop scope?

The zero stop stops the turret when it gets to the preset distance. In some scopes, the zero stop stops the turret rotation a few clicks below zero. That gives the user the possibility to dial under the preset zero. But in most cases, it stops at zero. This is a great feature for people who shoot long-range.

Is first focal plane necessary?

First focal plane rifle scopes are advantageous when shooting long distance where quick follow-up shots using hold-over are more likely. They are disadvantageous when you find yourself in closer ranges in dark timer considering it’s very easy to lose the smaller and thinner reticle lines against dark backgrounds.

What does second focal plane mean on a scope?

What Is a Second Focal Plane Scope? A scope with a second focal plane (SFP) reticle does not keep a proportional size between the reticle and the view. In other words, the reticle size never appears to change. It is just as large zoomed out as it is zoomed in.

Is the Vortex Viper first focal plane?

This optic is a first focal plane, which means you can use the reticle to range targets at any magnification, and you can use hold overs at any magnification level.

What does BTR mean in scopes?

Bright Reticle
BTR is a standing for Bright Reticle which is just an internal acronym. Sportsgear Optics.

Do I need zero stop on scope?

Zero stop wasn’t a common feature in the past, and even today most hunting scopes don’t have it. But it is used on most tactical and many target scopes. Zero stop is a necessity for premium riflescope manufacturers.

What is the advantage of a first focal plane reticle?

First-Focal Plane Scope Advantages A reticle in the first-focal plane (FFP) does not change size relative to what’s being viewed through the scope. Because of this, the reference marks for windage and elevation in the reticle will work no matter which power setting the scope is dialed to.

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