What is a SF 813 used for?

GENERAL. The SF 813 (formerly OPM 813) is used to verify the non-wartime campaigns and expeditions of military retirees and fleet reservists. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) credits this information toward civil service employment for reduction-in-force and leave accrual rate purposes.

Who qualifies for the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal?

This medal was established on Dec. 4, 1961, to be awarded to members of the United States armed forces who, after July 1, 1958, have participated in a United States military operation and encountered foreign armed opposition, or were in danger of hostile action by foreign armed forces.

Was a campaign badge authorized for Desert Storm?

The Texas Desert Shield-Desert Storm Campaign Medal was established by Senator John N. Leedom in Senate Bill 573, authorized by the Seventy-second Texas Legislature, and approved by Governor Ann Richards on 5 June 1991, effective on 26 August 1991.

Does military service count towards federal leave?

Federal employees accrue leave, which is accumulated through years of service. For non-retired members, full credit for uniformed service (including active duty and active duty for training) performed under honorable conditions is given for annual leave accrual purposes.

How do you get Armed Forces Reserve medal?

In the Army Reserve and National Guard, a service member qualifies for the medal after completing a total of ten years’ service in the active reserve. This service may be cumulative, provided that the combined ten years of service was performed over a period of twelve consecutive years.

Am I an active duty wartime or campaign badge veteran?

An “active duty wartime or campaign badge veteran” means a veteran who served on active duty in the U.S. military, ground, naval or air service during a war, or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized under the laws administered by the Department of Defense.

How do I know if I am a Armed Forces Service Medal veteran?

Veterans unsure of their status as a protected veteran might ask what qualifies as an Armed Forces Service Medal veteran? The best place to start is with a veteran’s DD Form 214. Any awards that have been earned while on active service will be listed on the 214.

Should I buy back my military retirement?

You would earn your deposit back with 2 years of retirement! That is a great investment. And on top of all of that, buying back your military would bump up your creditable service (in our example) to 30 years which would allow you to retire at your MRA (minimum retirement age) instead of waiting until age 60.

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