Does quotes need to be italicized Harvard?

If you want to emphasise something in a quotation that is particularly relevant to your essay, put the emphasised words in italics, and state that the emphasis is your own. If the original has italics, state that the italics are in the original.

How do you reference a PDF in Harvard referencing?

Author Surname, Initial(s)./Company Name (Publication year) Title. Available at: URL (Accessed: Date). Example: Kelly Services (2020) 2019 annual report.

Should you reference in italics?

References in the text should include surname and date (Marsh, 1997). Et al. (in italics) should be used where there are more than two authors (Marsh et al., 1997).

How do you Harvard reference a quote in an essay?

Harvard style – quotation The Harvard Style dictates that when using another’s exact words, known as direct quotation, then those words must be placed in inverted commas/quotation marks (” or “”) followed by an in-text citation that includes the Author Last name, Year and page numbers.

How do you Harvard reference a quote within an article?

Use double quotation marks for a quote within a quote (see examples below). If the quotation comprises 30 or more words, display it in an indented, freestanding block of text (set in a smaller type), without quotation marks.

How do you reference a PDF from a website?

Citing a PDF Document PDFs can be referenced and cited similarly to printed articles and books. This means that the reference entry will include the author, publication date, title, publisher name, and a source URL or DOI.

What should be italicized in Harvard?

All titles and names of books, newspapers, movies, plays, video games, titles of works of art or paintings should be in italics. Cross-check the names of any and all publications online to ensure accuracy in spelling, presentation, and punctuation.

Is et al italicized in Harvard?

This is preferable since it helps keep your references succinct. To use “et al.” in your references, state the name of the first listed author and follow it by “et al.” in italics in the author section of the citation.

How do you cite references in Harvard style?

Surname, Initial. (Year of publication) ‘Title of article’, Title of Newspaper, Day and month, Page reference. Surname, Initial. (Year of publication) ‘Title of article’, Title of Newspaper, Day and month, Page reference if available.

How do you reference a research PDF?

Basically, reference citations capture the author’s name (last name, first and middle name’s initials), the publication year, the title of the PDF article, the title of the journal, journal’s volume and issue numbers, the page range, and the link where it is taken or DOI number.

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