What is the imperative of Sein?

For sein, the singular imperative would be sei and the plural one seid. They continue to say that to make a polite request, one must resort to conjunctive I of the third person plural (capitalised to be Sie).

What are the different forms of Sein?

Verb forms in Present of sein

  • ich bin (1st PersonSingular)
  • du bist (2nd PersonSingular)
  • er ist (3rd PersonSingular)
  • wir sind (1st PersonPlural)
  • ihr seid (2nd PersonPlural)
  • sie sind (3rd PersonPlural)

What is Sein Perfekt?

Sein can be constructed in the Perfekt, just like any other verb: ich bin gewesen (I have been) du bist gewesen (you have been) er/sie/es ist gewesen (he/she/it has been) wir sind gewesen (we have been)

How do you conjugate lesen?

In this post, we’re going to look at the lesen conjugation. Lesen (= to read) is one of the most common German verbs. Of course, it is!…Lesen Conjugation in Present tense (Präsens)

ich lese I read./I am reading.
er/sie/es liest He/she/it reads/is reading.

How do you conjugate kommen in German?

We will begin studying kommen in the present tense (präsens)….Kommen in the Present Tense (Präsens)

ich komme I come/am coming
ihr kommt you (guys) come/are coming
sie kommen they come/are coming
Sie kommen you come/are coming

What is the conjugation of ICH?

To conjugate the verb—that is, use it in a sentence—you must add the correct ending to the stem. If you want to say “I play” you add an -e ending: “ich spiele” (which can also be translated into English as “I am playing”). Each “person” (he, you, they, etc.) requires its own ending on the verb.

What is the difference between Sein and haben?

Now you need to know when you use these two auxiliary verbs. You use haben with transitive verbs and sein with intransitive verbs .

How do you use Präteritum?

The Präteritum is equivalent to the English Simple Past tense, so to speak. But usually, the Präteritum is not used in everyday language in German. It is rather used as a literary language. Germans commonly opt for the Perfekt in their speech in order to refer to the past – which will be discussed in my upcoming post.

What is Sein German?

▶ Sein is German for to be. It’s ALSO the German word for his, but that’s really just one of many…

What are imperative verbs in German?

How do you form the imperative in German? – Easy Learning Grammar German

Pronoun Form of Imperative Verb Example
du (singular) verb stem (+ e) hol(e)!
ihr (plural) verb stem + t holt!
Sie (polite singular and plural) verb stem + en + Sie holen Sie!

How do you use imperativ?

As for the imperative mood, you make it by taking the infinitive of a verb and removing to. Use it when you want to issue commands and orders, but also when you want to make requests—just remember to add please to the sentence.

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