What is the summary of the poem Sea Fever?

“Sea Fever” as a Representative of Natural world: This poem is about the poet’s affection about the beautiful sea and its creature. He desperately wants to go to the lonely sea. Therefore, he urges to have a well-built ship to sail through the melancholic sea. He asks the star to guide him throughout his journey.

What is the theme of the poem Sea Fever?

Adventures, memories, and journey are the major themes of this poem. The speaker hears a continuous call from the sea, and he says that it is unavoidable. He wishes to break the current situation and return to the adventurous life to enjoy his youth at sea.

What message does John Masefield convey through the poem Sea Fever?

In the poem, the poet expresses his strong desire to get back to the se as the call from the sea cannot be ignored or denied. He wishes that there would be strong winds that would blow away the thick white clouds in the sky and take the sail forward throughout the day.

What does the title Sea Fever mean?

Solution. The title of the poem ‘Sea Fever’ means the poet’s deep wish to be at sea.

How does the poet describe the sea?

In the first stanza of the poem the poet describes the calmness of the sea. The second stanza describes the mild sea waves. The waves were rising and falling so little that they did not make any sign or sound. The waves were gently flowing over the Inchcape Rock without moving or ringing the bell.

What does the poet mean by the long trick?

The word “trick” in sailing terms refers to a watch at sea: four hours watching and eight hours resting. We may take it at face value and assume Masefield is again drawing attention to the simplicity of a life at sea, emphasised by the wonderful balance between work and rest.

How has the poet used personification in the poem Sea Fever?

Answer: In line four, the sea is personified when the water’s surface is referred to as the “sea’s face”. One example of a metaphor is in line nine when the speaker compares “the vagrant gypsy life” to the ocean. “Sea Fever” is dominated by implied metaphors comparing the speakers life to the sea.

What does the poet mean by a tall ship?

The seafarer in the poem says, “And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” Tall ships were, and are, known for their sea worthiness. Their sturdy build, with oaken masts, and a variety of sails made to catch the wind, is meant for enduring long voyages in rough seas.

How is the sea described in the poem Meeting at Night?

Answer) In the poem “Meeting at Night”, the poet describes the sea as both enchanting and romantic. The sea seems to be grey and the waves are startled at the disturbance made by the boat of the narrator. The night is also enchanting with a yellow half moon which makes the sea look grey and the land look dark.

How does the poet describe the sea in the rest of the poem?( Find all the words and phrases related to the sea?

‘surge’ s swell’ ; ‘ocean green’ ; ‘so dark it is they see no land’ ; ‘the breakers roar’ ; ‘They hear no sound the swell is strong’.

How does the poet describe the sea at the start of the poem?

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