How does a Knelson concentrator work?

The Knelson Concentrator relies on an enhanced gravitational force together with fluidization process to recover even very micron sized particles. First water is injected into the rotating concentrating cone through series of fluidization holes. Then feed slurry is introduced through a stationary feed tube.

What is a gold concentrator?

A Knelson concentrator is a type of gravity concentration apparatus, predominantly used in the gold mining industry. It is used for the recovery of fine particles of free gold, meaning gold that does not require gold cyanidation for recovery.

How does a Falcon concentrator work?

Falcon concentrator (FC), as an EGS, consists of a fast-spinning bowl. The slurry is fed from the bottom of the bowl, and centrifugal force is used to drain the slurry in a thin film along its wall. Some particles are retained in the bowl during operation, while others flow out with the fluid.

What is an acacia reactor?

The Consep Acacia consists of an up-flow fluidised reactor which consistently provides overall leach recoveries in excess of 95%, at most times over 98%. The unit’s unique design provides ideal solid liquid interaction and maximises gold leaching kinetics without mechanical agitation.

What does a mining concentrator do?

In the processing stage, the mined material is transformed into usable raw material. For iron ore this involves crushing the ore and then concentrating it in different ways, for example by milling, flotation or magnetic separation.

What is gravity concentration?

Gravity concentration can be defined as the process by which particles of different sizes, shapes, and densities are separated from each other by the force of gravity or the centrifugal force. The method is one of the oldest in mineral treatment.

What is a Falcon concentrator?

Falcon concentrators are enhanced gravity separators (EGS) consisting of a fast spinning bowl. The bowl is fed from its bottom and uses centrifugal force to drain the slurry in a thin flowing film at its wall.

What is Leach aid?

LEACH AID FOR METAL RECOVERY. Methods of recovering metals from metal-bearing materials, and more particularly, methods for improving leaching efficiency in extraction processes by employing a surfactant composition in the extraction process, as well as slurries useful in the methods of recovering metals are provided.

What is enrichment ratio?

The enrichment ratio (ER), defined as the ratio of grade of a metal element in a deposit to the crustal abundance of the metal, is proposed for assessing mineral resources. According to the definition, the enrichment ratio of a polymetallic deposit is given as a sum of enrichment ratios of all metals.

What is a mining concentrator plant?

concentrator or processing plant means a plant or facility which processes ore brought from the mine and removes most of the valuable mineral or metal from the ore and discards most of the barren portion of the ore as tailings.

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