How much fuel does a Boston Whaler use?

RE: Fule use w/ a 17 Boston Whaler Montauk also put it another way all need is 6 gallons for the whole day…

Are all Boston Whalers self bailing?

A quick look at the Boston Whaler website reveals that all the boat line EXCEPT for the Sport/Montauk lines list the cockpit as self-bailing.

How wide is a 16 ft Boston Whaler?

Description. On January 7, 1961 the first “16-foot” hull was produced by Boston Whaler, with a 16-foot 7-inch length-overall and a 6-foot 2-inch beam. This hull weighed approximately 500 pounds and was similar in its lines to the the original 13-foot hull.

How much is a brand new Boston Whaler?

New Boston Whaler boats, $10,000 – $60,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

Is Boston Whaler unsinkable?

An unsinkable hull plus brilliant design and advanced technology equals the most trusted boat on the water. Yes, you can cut a Boston Whaler in two and drive away in the half with the engine. But unsinkability means more than just the unmatched safety of Unibond™ hull construction.

Is Montauk 170 self-bailing?

The 170 Montauk 2018 reimagines a classic. It features the same overachieving versatility, safety, easy maintenance and dollar value but with improved performance. New features include more space, more stowage, a permanently installed fuel tank, self-bailing cockpit, tow arch (optional) and a 115 hp engine (optional).

How much does a Boston Whaler Montauk weigh?

2,521 lbs.

Length Overall 17′ 4″ / 5.28 m
Beam 7′ 3″ 2.21 m
Dry Weight 1,700 lbs. 771 kg
Tested Weight 2,521 lbs. 1,144 kg
Draft 12″ .30 m

How wide is a 17 foot Boston Whaler?

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk has a length overall of 17’4” (5.28 m) and a beam of 7’3” (2.21 m). With an empty weight of 1,700 lbs.

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