What kind of doctor is Jakurai?

genius doctor
He is a genius doctor, once under contract to eliminate terrorists, he became a doctor to atone for his sinful way of life. Though he often goes to areas of conflict around the world, he is currently practicing at the Shinjuku Central Hospital.

What did Jakurai do to Ramuda?

As fabricated as Ramuda is himself. Jakurai takes the information Ramuda has given him – the knowledge that Ramuda detests being called “artificial” – and uses that against him. He takes his status as the only person who’s never demonized Ramuda’s feelings and true self and turns that against Ramuda too.

Does Jakurai have a son?

Ramuda Amemura The reason why their friendship has been severed are due to personal reasons, as Ramuda, at one point, used the true Hypnosis Mic on Jakurai’s son, Yotsutsuji. Jakurai -> Ramuda: Rival, utterly despises him. Ramuda -> Jakurai: Rival.

How old is Doppo hypnosis?

Doppo uses the name Doppo (in romaji). He is 29 years old.

How old is hifumi hypnosis?


Hifumi Izanami
Occupation Host
Birthday June 22nd
Age 29
Zodiac Cancer

How tall is Saburo Yamada?


Saburo Yamada
Age 14
Zodiac Sagittarius
Height 173 cm (5’8)
Weight 53 kg

How old is Jiro hypnosis?


Jiro Yamada
Birthday February 6
Age 17
Zodiac Aquarius
Height 180 cm (5’11)

Who is the MC in hypnosis mic?

Rei Amayado, a.k.a. MC MasterMind, is a conman, the creator of Hypnosis Mics, father of the Yamada Brothers and the third member of Dotsuitare Hompo.

Why is hifumi scared of girl?

Overcoming Trauma Since the childhood, Hifumi met Doppo Kannonzaka and befriended him, being his only friend throughout the years. At high school, they encountered Honobono Keitoin who became Hifumi’s friend, however, a traumatic experience she put Hifumi through resulted in him deveoping a severe phobia of women.

How old is Jiro Yamada?

How old is Samatoki?


Samatoki Aohitsugi
Occupation Yakuza
Birthday November 11
Age 25
Zodiac Scorpio

Who voices Jiro Yamada?

Haruki Ishiya
Haruki Ishiya is a Japanese voice actor. He voices Jiro Yamada in Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-.

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