What are related careers to military?

Career Paths in the Armed Forces

  • Army Automobile Maintenance Warrant Officer (915A)
  • Air Force Pilot.
  • Navy Flight Support.
  • Marine Corps Military Police.
  • Coast Guard Boatswain Mate (BM)
  • Navy Nurse Corp.
  • Army Linguist.
  • Navy Operations Specialists.

What jobs are in demand in the military?

The most popular army jobs in demand can help you secure a bright secure for you and your family.

  • Army Jobs in Demand.
  • Culinary Specialist (92G)
  • Occupational Therapy Specialist (68L)
  • Cryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Collector (35Q)
  • Computer/Detection Systems Repairer (94F)
  • Military Police Officer (31A)

What can I do in the Air Force with an economics degree?


  • 61A – Operations Research Analyst.
  • 63x – Program Management.
  • 64P – Contracting.
  • 65x – Financial Management and/or Cost Analysis.

What are 3 careers that the military provides?

25 jobs in the military

  • Navy administrative clerk. National average salary: $36,216 per year.
  • Military police officer. National average salary: $40,980 per year.
  • Army IT professional.
  • Army ammunition specialist.
  • Army linguist.
  • Navy technical security threat intelligence officer.
  • Navy operations specialist.
  • Army officer.

What is a career soldier called?

Also called: common soldier a noncommissioned member of an army as opposed to a commissioned officer.

What is the most needed job in the military?

Top 20 Most Needed Army Military Occupational Specialties

  • # 20: 35P Cryptologic Linguist.
  • # 19: 35F Intelligence Analyst.
  • # 18: 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist.
  • # 17: 09L Translator/Interpreter.
  • # 16: 13F Fire Support Specialist.
  • # 15: 68W Health Care Specialist.
  • # 14: 11X Infantry.
  • # 13: 12P Prime Power Production Specialist.

Is an economics degree marketable?

An Economics degree provides you with marketable skills that are relevant to many career fields and areas of graduate study. In addition, you’ll gain foundational liberal arts skills that are prized by 21st-century employers.

Can I do finance in the military?

Military finance officers oversee the distribution of public funds and protect the Armed Forces’ most valuable assets. Working as a military finance officer can provide a long-term career path of service or a springboard for other financial management jobs in the civilian workforce.

What are the disadvantages of joining the military?

What are the Disadvantages of Going into the Military?

  • Separation from loved ones.
  • No quitting military service.
  • Rank.
  • Physical appearance and grooming.
  • It’s not about you anymore.
  • Physical fitness standards.
  • Free healthcare.
  • Education requirements.

What is the most badass job in the Army?

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US Military

  1. Pararescue. U.S. Air Force pararescuemen and a simulated ‘survivor’ watch as an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter comes in for a landing. (
  2. Special operations.
  3. Explosive ordnance disposal.
  4. Infantry.
  5. Cavalry.
  6. Artillery.
  7. Medical.
  8. Vehicle transportation.

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