Who died in Vanity 6?

Denise Matthews, a former protege of Prince and lead singer of ’80s group Vanity 6, has died from kidney failure, according to several reports. She was 57. Matthews, more commonly known as Vanity, died Monday at a hospital in Fremont, Calif., where she lived.

Is Vanity 6 Still Alive?

Vanity was the lead singer of the female trio Vanity 6 known for their 1982 hit song “Nasty Girl”….Vanity (singer)

Denise Katrina Matthews
Died February 15, 2016 (aged 57) Fremont, California, U.S.
Nationality Canadian, American
Other names Denise Matthews-Smith, D. D. Winters

What was the cause of death for Vanity?

Matthews died from kidney failure, the result of years of crack cocaine abuse, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. She died in a hospital in Fremont, Calif. The Canadian born singer was also a songwriter, dancer, actress and model, leading the girl group Vanity 6 from 1981 to 1983.

Is Vanity from last dragon still alive?

Vanity, Former Prince Protege and ‘Last Dragon’ Star, Dead at 57. Denise Matthews, best known as 80s pop star and actress Vanity, has died at age 57. According to TMZ, the former Prince protege and Vanity 6 frontwoman died after years of battling kidney failure and a recent unspecified abdominal illness.

Is Denise Matthews alive?

February 15, 2016Vanity / Date of death

Did Prince attend Denise’s funeral?

Prince was here to attend the funeral of Vanity, real name Denise Katrina Matthews, the lead singer of 1980s girl group Vanity 6 and a former flame. She passed away in February in Fremont, also at age 57, after battling kidney failure and an abdominal illness.

What caused Vanity kidney failure?

Denise Matthews — far better known by her stage name, Vanity — has died at age 57 from kidney failure, the result of years of crack cocaine abuse, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The singer and actress died Monday in a hospital in Fremont, Calif., the Bay Area city she called home.

Why was Vanity not in Purple Rain?

During pre-production of the movie Purple Rain in August 1983, Vanity abruptly decided to leave the Prince camp and relinquish her role in the film. Many reasons were given for her sudden departure, including money, the end of her romantic relationship with Prince.

How old is Denise Matthews?

57 years (1959–2016)Vanity / Age at death

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