Which is better Tintin or Asterix?

Its a pretty hard question as they are both superb. In terms of raw sales figures, Asterix dominates with 325m + books versus Tintin’s 200m+. However, Asterix has twice as many albums, so you’d expect it to have sold more.

Is Asterix popular?

Asterix’s enduring popularity has puzzled critics for decades, even as the series has racked up sales of 380 million books, been translated into 111 languages and spawned dozens of adaptations in various media. In France, Asterix is a treasured icon, the series’ worldwide success a source of national pride.

What do Tintin and Asterix have in common?

They both had stupendously good translators With a pinch of Latin, a soupcon of idiom, and stirring in some subtle puns, they made Asterix palatable to the whole English-speaking world. The Tintin translation team did an equally impressive job, but without the Latin.

What is the best Asterix?

Since 1959 there’s been 36 Asterix books – and these are the best:

  • Asterix and Cleopatra (1965)
  • Asterix the Legionary (1967)
  • Asterix in Britain (1966)
  • Asterix and Son (1983)
  • Asterix and the Roman Agent (1970)
  • Asterix and the Missing Scroll (2015)

What age reads Asterix?

Asterix the Gaul: Omnibus by Rene Goscinny Quirky, funny, slightly anarchic and classics in the world of graphic novels, the Asterix series engages children aged 7-11 and older and also imparts historical knowledge along the way. Ideal for children who want more and more of the same reading material.

What age is Tintin suitable for?

They’re generally recommended for children aged nine and up in terms of reading comprehension (they have dense speech bubbles that often use quite sophisticated language), but they’re suitable for all ages in terms of content.

Is Asterix still going?

The new Asterix album will publish on 21st October 2021! The collaborators Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad are back again!

Can adults read Asterix?

Asterix was a huge part of Flavorpill’s childhood, and the books are also those rarest of things — children’s books that adults can also enjoy.

Is Tintin suitable for 5 year old?

What age can you use Tintin?

Adventures of Tintin 8 books collection, ideal for ages 9-14 who are a fan of the series!

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