What is the Santander brand?

One of the most recognisable elements of our iconic brand is the Santander flame. It represents the element of fire, evoking the role it has played in human evolution and prosperity: an ally that has helped us evolve and advance as a species.

What is Santander slogan?

‘Keep on, Keeping on. ‘

Does Santander use Salesforce?

Santander delivers on its digital ambitions with Salesforce. The bank already has a great reputation: in 2019, Santander’s NPS score put it in first place for business and corporate customer satisfaction.

What does Santander stand for?

Santandernoun. A city and port on the north coast of Spain, the capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria.

What companies does Santander own?

A wholly owned subsidiary of Madrid-based Banco Santander, S.A., Santander US incorporates six financial companies: Santander Bank, N.A., Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SC), Banco Santander International of Miami, Santander Securities LLC of Boston, Santander Investment Securities Inc.

What kind of bank is Santander?

retail and commercial banks
The Santander Group is a group of global retail and commercial banks with over 102 million customers and over 14,000 branches – more than any other bank in the world. Santander is one of the top five financial brands in the world.

What are Santander values?

Our global culture, “The Santander Way”, encompasses our purpose “to help people and businesses prosper”, our aim, “to be the best open financial services platform, acting responsibly and earning the trust of our people, customers, shareholders and communities”, our “Simple, Personal and Fair” values, our risk culture …

What font does Santander use?

In April of 2019 we introduced our new Santander Font, hand-crafted by internationally renowned typographic experts, Monotype. It’s a typography which is fresh, elegant and straightforward.

How many customers does Santander UK have?

Santander UK is one of the leading personal financial services companies in the United Kingdom, and one of the largest providers of mortgages and savings in the United Kingdom. The bank has circa 20,000 employees, 14 million active customers, 64 corporate business centres.

How do you get people to switch banks?

Make demos for online banking, online bill pay and mobile banking readily available. Offer a dedicated customer service representatives who specialize in switching accounts and are available through online chat or telephone.

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