What is a velvet drive on a boat?

Borg-Warner’s (Velvet Drive’s) integral V-Drive marine transmission is a compact, self-contained unit that helps create extra cargo and cabin space by allowing you to move your engines further aft.

How does marine transmission work?

These two functions are accomplished by a series of internal clutches, which when moved via the gear lever at the helm, engage different gear sets. Each marine transmission has an internal oil pump that generates hydraulic pressure, which forces these clutches together to provide engagement.

How much does it cost to rebuild a velvet transmission?

What is the cost? Between $600 and $1,200 on average, with some gears costing more, depending on the gear. Again, you can ask for an estimate over the phone and if we need to see the gear first, we will not charge you to inspect and quote a price for the rebuild.

What kind of oil does a velvet drive take?

Uses oil type: GM Dexron III, Ford Mercon, Daimler-Benz 236.6 or any SAE 10 hydraulic oil that meets Allison Type C3, Caterpillar TO-2 or equivalent specifications. Oil capacity: 5 US quarts (4.9 liters).

How do you reverse rotation on a velvet drive?

You cannot reverse the direction in a velvet drive. They are not designed for that. The series 5000 Velvet Drives (which I have) will spin either way. You just have to change the shift linkage direction.

How much oil does a Velvet Drive hold?

Oil capacity: 5 US quarts (4.9 liters).

How does a direct drive boat transmission work?

A direct drive system places the engine or engines near the center of the boat. Power passes from the engine to a transmission that enables forward-neutral-reverse shifting, and then to the propshaft, which passes through the boat bottom at a 7- to 12-degree angle.

How does a marine diesel transmission work?

How Marine Transmissions Work. There are clutches in your marine diesel transmission that work at different gear sets alongside hydraulic pressure generated by internal pumps. The hydraulic pressure pushes clutches together, providing the desired operation.

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