Where are the silver keys in Brightwall village?

Brightwall Village // 5 Silver Keys Facing the Library in Brightwall, take a left and explore the patch of grass and trees littered with boulders. Behind the row of boulders is a Silver Key. A Silver Key can be found behind the House of Cluck, between the building and the city wall.

Where is the gnome in Brightwall Village Fable 3?

Brightwall Village [The Reliquary] (5/5) Vault down and then off the broken bridge into the water below. Run up a few flights of stairs until you reach the area with the torches, the skeleton with a note and a large, circular column. Just before the skeleton, look off into the abyss to the right to see this Gnome.

Where is the gnome in Mourningwood Fable 3?

Mourningwood | Gnomes Fable III Guide Head to the fortress and then leave it through the gate from which the Hollow Men came. The path will lead you to a cemetery. Once you reach the first tombstones, turn right [1]. The Gnome is hanging from one of the stone walls [2].

How do you get to the Sunset house in Fable 3?

Sunset House

  1. In order to reach this location, run to the fortress in Mourningwood and leave it through the gate through which the Hollow Men came.
  2. After getting there, move forwards while sticking to the left side of the garden.
  3. The man in the hat looks as if he’s checking time on his watch [1].

How many golden keys are in Fable 3?

five Gold Keys
There are only five Gold Keys and four Gold Doors (plus one Gold Chest), and unlocking some of the Gold Doors with a Gold Key will even grant you a coveted Legendary weapon.

How do you get the military suit in Fable 3?

The Military Suit is a set of clothing found in Fable III. The entire suit can be found inside the Mourningwood Demon Door realm, Planet One. The door requires you to have a level 5 melee or ranged skill, upgraded on the Road to Rule, and draw a weapon.

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