What are the three land navigation methods?

There are three base directions or azimuths: true, grid, and magnetic.

What are the four steps to land navigation?

Basic Land Navigation

  1. Step 1: Tools of the Trade. Basic land navigation only requires three (3) “tools”.
  2. Step 2: Finding Your Grid Coordinates. All topo maps have grid numbers listed on the top, bottom, and both sides.
  3. Step 3: Orienting Your Map.
  4. Step 4: So You Don’t Know Where You Are Huh?

Do Marines learn land navigation?

Marine Corps recruits are first introduced to land navigation while at boot camp. Later, more advanced instruction is given to them while at the School of Infantry (SOI). Using their land navigation skills, Marines must work as a team to reach specific checkpoints laid out for them on a map.

What is the difference between intersection and resection?

In resection, the one point with unknown coordinates is occupied and sightings are taken to the known points; in intersection, the two points with known coordinates are occupied and sightings are taken to the unknown point.

How do you resection a map?

Resection is a method of finding one’s own location on a map by sighting two known landmarks. The procedure is as follows: Find at least two landmarks on the map that can be also identified on the ground. With a compass measure an azimuth to each of the landmarks on the ground.

What are 5 basic colors on a military map?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Black. Stands for man made objects.
  • Brown. Stands for contour, elevation, and relief.
  • Blue. Stands for water.
  • Green. Stands for vegetation.
  • Red. Stands for densely populated areas and other man made objects.

How close does a 4 digit grid get you?

within 1000 meters
Remember, four-digit grids get you to within 1000 meters, six-digit grids to within 100 meters and an eight-digit grid gets us to within 10 meters.

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