How can I go to vemulawada from Hyderabad?

The fastest way to reach from Hyderabad to Vemulawada is cab to Vemulawada and takes 3h 3m. The recommended way to reach from Hyderabad to Vemulawada is cab to Vemulawada and takes 3h 3m. Cabs from Gozo, Ryde etc. Buses from Diwakar Travels etc.

Are buses running from Khammam to Hyderabad?

Several private and RTC buses have started running on Khammam to Hyderabad post Covid-19 lockdown. You can check the total number of available buses by selecting the date of travel on Khammam to Hyderabad route and book the most suitable bus ticket.

Are buses running from Hyderabad to mahabubnagar?

Buses are running all throughout the day with safety and comfort of passengers. Book your Hyderabad to Mahabubnagar bus route today!

What is the bus fare from Hyderabad to vemulawada?

Hyderabad to Vemulawada Bus Ticket Price The Hyderabad to Vemulawada bus tickets fare starts from INR 172 per head and can go as high as INR 218 per head.

How do I get to vemulawada by train?

Nearby Stations

  1. 02575/Hyderabad – Gorakhpur SF Special Fare Summer Special.
  2. 17663/Tandur – Parbhani Express.
  3. 16733/Rameswaram – Okha Express (PT)
  4. 17664/Hazur Sahib Nanded – Tandur Express.
  5. 17406/Krishna Express.
  6. 19713/Jaipur – Secunderabad Express.
  7. 17019/Jaipur – Hyderabad Weekly Express (PT)

Who built vemulawada Temple?

It is located in the town of Vemulawada, Telangana, India. Historically the region was the capital of the Vemulawada Chalukyas who ruled from 750 to 973 CE….Raja Rajeswara Temple, Vemulawada.

Sri Raja Rajeswara Temple
Deity Raja Rajeswara Swamy (Shiva)
Festivals Siva Rathri, Sri Rama Navami, Bonalu, Dasara and Bathukamma

Does buses run tomorrow in Telangana?

The decision comes after the centre issued the guidelines permitting the state government to run buses within the state. Minister for Transport Puvvada Ajay said that the TSRTC will operate the buses from tomorrow with 50 per cent passenger seats. And sanitizers will be provided for passengers to contain coronavirus.

How many buses are there in Hyderabad?

10,460 buses
It is further subdivided into 13 regions and 25 divisions. It has a fleet of 10,460 buses, of which around 2000 are hired vehicles. TSRTC buses undertake operations on 36,593 routes.

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