What should I put above my cabinets?

Vases, vintage letters, and even books are ideal to display above cabinets. A series of pitchers filled with faux flowers is also an ideal way to fill the void.

What do you do with empty space above cabinets?

11 Smart Ways to Use the Space Above Your Cabinets

  1. Display serving pieces.
  2. Use canisters to conceal clutter.
  3. Or bust out the baskets.
  4. Show off a collection.
  5. Display cookbooks.
  6. Store your wine.
  7. Grow something.
  8. Add another shelf.

What can I put on top of my kitchen cabinets 2021?

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: What’s In, What’s Out in 2021

  • Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets Secret Stash… Shhh.
  • Art Gallery above Cabinets. An art gallery above your cabinets is “IN” and super innovative!
  • Creamware Collection.
  • Cookbooks.
  • Greenery Kitchen.
  • Brick Wall Accent.
  • Stylish Storage Above Cabinets.

Should you decorate above kitchen cabinets 2020?

There are times when decorating above the cabinets can work. Items that are simple in style and shape are best up high. I am such a fan of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and overscaled, tall cabinets that fit the height of these new homes with higher ceilings.

How do you show things on top of kitchen cabinets?

If you don’t need the space above your cabinets for storage, add a decorative element to your kitchen by displaying wall art. This tip works for both open shelving and closed cabinets: Mount hanging pieces directly to the wall, or style framed leaning artwork across the top to create a focal point.

What is the space above kitchen cabinets called?

A kitchen soffit is a closed-in area above the cabinets. Soffits were a popular design included in homes in the mid-to-late 1900s.

How do you style a display cabinet?

How to style a display cabinet – 10 tips from design experts

  1. Utilize accent colors. (Image credit: Future | Jon Day )
  2. Consider craftsmanship.
  3. Display your keepsakes and trinkets.
  4. Think of the overall space.
  5. Try integrated lighting.
  6. The benefits of glass.
  7. Choose a dresser with internal storage.
  8. One size doesn’t fit all.

How can I make my kitchen soffits look better?

10 Ways to Disguise a Kitchen Soffit

  1. Add moulding.
  2. Thicken the soffit as a border around the kitchen.
  3. Lower the entire kitchen ceiling to soffit height.
  4. Paint the ceiling.
  5. Get rid of it altogether as seen from an Apartment Therapy reader.
  6. Go monotone with the walls, cabinets, and soffits.
  7. Opt for built-in shelf niches.

Are kitchen soffits out of style?

While kitchen soffits were very popular in older homes, the style has fallen out of favor for many homeowners and interior designers.

What is the space between cabinets and ceiling called?

The space between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is called “Soffit”. A kitchen soffit is specifically a boxy shape designed to cover up pipes, wiring, and other mechanical or to fill the gap between the top cabinets and the ceiling.

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