Where can I watch 1D Day?

Where can I watch “1D Day”? The event will be streaming via YouTube and Google+.

Does One Direction have a YouTube channel?

One Direction premiered the “10 Years of One Direction” on its official YouTube channel on the same date. The retrospective, a video clocking in at just under 5 minutes and the first video uploaded to the channel since 2016, has garnered more than 15 million views since its premiere.

How many YouTube views does 1D have?

Video Views Yesterday
One Direction – You & I 556,048,733 77,121
One Direction – Kiss You (Official) 526,623,939 43,574
One Direction – Night Changes 516,626,330 314,634
One Direction – Perfect (Official Video) 504,053,781 80,291

What is the most viewed One Direction song on YouTube?

One Direction’s 10 Best Music Videos (Ranked By YouTube Views)

  1. 1 What Makes You Beautiful (1.2 Billion Views)
  2. 2 Drag Me Down (949 Million Views)
  3. 3 Story Of My Life (898 Million Views)
  4. 4 Best Song Ever (725 Million Views)
  5. 5 One Thing (704 Million Views)
  6. 6 Live While We’re Young (685 Million Views)

Is there a 1D reunion?

As of yet – there’s no confirmation that the boys will get back together, despite fans’ hopes. In 2020, fans celebrated 10 years of the boy band, with talks of Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam reuniting for the occasion – as Zayn left the band in 2015; a year before the group went on a hiatus.

How many subscribers does 1d have?

One Direction’s YouTube Channel has 37,000,000 subscribers with 157 videos uploaded so far, the overall channel views are 12.4B.

Is there a one direction reunion?

Who is the most popular member of One Direction?

1. Harry Styles. I mean, it was in the bag for our Haz, wasn’t it? 14-year-old me would be made up that I’m still getting him ranked as my top out of the One Direction members, but there’s absolutely no question that he deserves it.

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