What replaced the Super M?

Farmall 400
The Farmall 400 replaced the Super M-TA in 1954, and was produced until 1956.

How many HP is a super M?

Farmall Super M

Farmall Super M Power
Drawbar (tested): 44.23 hp 33.0 kW
Belt (tested): 47.07 hp 35.1 kW
power test details …

Does a Super M have live hydraulics?

The live hydraulic pump on a Super M, on the right side of the engine between the distributor and the timing gear train.

How much does a Farmall Super M weigh?

Bone dry with no weights 5,100 lbs.

How many Farmall Super MTA diesels were built?

There were about 44,551 Super Ms produced, 5,199 Super MDs produced and about 26,924 Super MTAs produced.

Does a Farmall Super M have live PTO?

Re: Re: IH Farmall M or Super M PTO and Hydraulics question. You get live PTO, live hydraulics, 12 volts, power steering, fast hitch that can be easily converted to 3 pth, 3 valve hydraulics (selectable for either single or double acting), Torque Amplifier, and red paint.

What is a Farmall Super M?

The Farmall Super M was the upgraded model International Harvester Released in 1952. The Super M increased the horsepower on the drawbar from 33 horsepower to 44 horsepower. It also has a larger four-cylinder, 264 cubic-inch gasoline engine. 57,092 Super M were built from 1952 to 1954.

How many Farmall M’s were made?

Farmall M

Manufacturer: Farmall (a part of International Harvester)
Factory: Rock Island, Illinois, USA
Total built: 270,140
Original price: $1,440 (1946 )

Does a Farmall A have a PTO?

I’ll just reinforce what the others said, the A and Super A have standard rotation PTO, standard 540 shaft on most of them as well. Cub is backwards and too fast. The A pto runs the same as most other tractors. The cub loboy with the belt driven live pto is the one that runs backwards.

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