What is the biggest crane Manitowoc makes?

Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane
Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane The 31000 is the largest capacity crawler crane ever designed by Manitowoc, with a lift capacity of 2,500+ tons. Utilizing its innovative variable position counterweight system, the 31000 requires minimal footprint and ground preparation.

How many tons is a Manitowoc 2250?

300 ton
The Manitowoc 2250 crawler crane features a 272 m ton (300 ton) capacity, 1 700 m ton-m (12, 294 ft-kips) Maximum Load Moment, 91, 4 m (300′) Heavy-Lift Boom, 100, 6 m (330′) Long-Reach Boom, 112, 8 m (370′) Fixed Jib on Heavy-Lift Boom, 118, 9 m (390′) Fixed Jib on Long-Reach Boom, 121, 9 m (400′) Luffing Jib, 158, 5 …

How much does it cost to rent a crane in NYC?

Published Crane Rental Rates (Per Hour)

Type Make/Model Daily Min
Hydraulic Crane – 40 Ton Terex T340-1XL 4 hours
Hydraulic Crane – 500 Ton AT (2 man) Liebherr LTM1400 8 hours
Hydraulic Crane – 550 Ton AT (2 man) Grove GMK7550 8 hours
Hydraulic Crane – 600 Ton AT (2 man) Demag AC500 8 hours

What is Manitowoc largest crawler crane?

As the largest capacity crawler ever designed and built by Manitowoc the new 31000 employs an innovative self-supporting counterweight. This feature called the Variable Position Counterweight system minimizes the crane’s footprint and ground preparation.

How much can a small crane lift?

A mobile crane’s lift capacity can vary anywhere between 2 tonnes for the smallest mini mobile cranes to 3000 tonnes for the most massive and most robust cranes. Mobile cranes rival fixed cranes for lift capacity but have unrivalled flexibility and versatility on the worksite.

How much can a mobile crane lift?

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