How do you welcome in India?

A good word is ‘hello’ in Hindi; namaste, or “I bow to you,” can be used there. Indians may shake hands, most do with palms raised in front of their chest, fingers pointed up, and a small bow pointed down.

How do you greet in Indian language?

The Hindi word for “hello” is namaste – literally, “I bow to you” – which they will. Though some Indians will shake hands, most bring their palms together in front of their chest, fingers up, and bow slightly. You can also say namaskaar or, as a respectful greeting to superiors or elders, pranaam.

How do you say welcome in all languages?

And when it comes to learning a new language, ‘welcome’ is one of the first words learned….Saying ‘Welcome’ in Europe.

Albanian i mirëpritur
French bienvenue/bienvenu
German herzlich willkommen
Greek καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ (kalos irthate)
Hungarian üdvözöljük

What is the meaning of welcome in India?

cecilia. Hindi translation:india me aapka swagat hai. Explanation: welcome to india: “India mein aapka swagat hai” in hindi (unicode): “इन्डीया मे आपका स्वागत है”

How do you welcome foreigners in India?

How are Foreigners Welcome to a New India

  1. Increase in tourism.
  2. Better modes of transportation.
  3. Accommodation options.
  4. Assortment of foods.
  5. Welcoming people.
  6. Change in people’s perspective towards sanitation.

How do you say Namaste in India?

How to say Namaste. While saying Namaste in the traditional style, you must bow slightly and press both the hands together, with fingers pointing upward, thumbs on the inside near the chest and palm touching – it is called Pranamasana (The Prayer Pose) or Anjali Mudra.

How do you greet in other languages?

Here’s a list of the formal ways to say “Hello” in ten languages to get you started:

  1. Spanish: hola.
  2. French: bonjour.
  3. German: guten tag.
  4. Italian: salve.
  5. Chinese: nǐn hǎo.
  6. Portuguese: olá
  7. Arabic: asalaam alaikum.
  8. Japanese: konnichiwa.

How do you say your welcome in Sanskrit?

susvaagatam (सुस्वागतम्) means ‘welcome’.

How do you welcome a foreign guest?

Arrive on time – don’t keep the person you’re meeting waiting and wondering where you are.

  1. Be ready to greet your visitor and make them feel welcome – keep it professional, though!
  2. Listen/Pay attention to what your visitor says so you can respond – this also shows you’re interested in what they have to say.

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