What is MB21 used for in SAP?

Description: MB21 is used to order material from within your plant warehouse after confirming that the material is available from the warehouse using t-code MM03 (Determine Order Type).

What is MB21 TCode in SAP?

MB21 is a transaction code used for Create Reservation in SAP. It comes under the package MB. When we execute this transaction code, SAPMM07R is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

How do I show a reservation in SAP?

Choose → Master Data → Reservations → Display. Enter the reservation ID and choose ( ) Enter . You can display the existing entries.

How do I find my reservation history in SAP?

There is no change history update in case of reservations in standard SAP hence no such object available. You may check in transaction SCDO – Change document objects.

How do I close a reservation in SAP?

Go to MB22, enter reservation number, Open and make tick mark on D box and save m its get deleted .. same procedures do for all reservation numbers which u want to delete.

How do I remove a reserved stock in SAP?

You can clear reserved stock by Good issue against REservation or You can put Deletion Indicator on Reservations by MBVR.

What is 202 movement type in SAP?

Movement Type: 202 is used when movement 201 document is cancelled. Movement Type: 221 is used to do Goods Issue against Projects. Movement Type: 222 is used when movement 221 document is cancelled. Movement Type: 261 is used to do Goods Issue against Order.

What is MB1B used for?

MB1B is used for Transfer posting of material i.e palnt to plant or storage location to storage location etc..

How do I edit a reservation in SAP?

Changing a Reservation

  1. Choose Reservation Change .
  2. On the initial screen, enter the reservation number.
  3. The collective processing screen for the reservation appears.
  4. You can change the data (for example, quantity or storage location) directly on the collective processing screen.
  5. Post the changes.

What is reserved quantity in SAP?

Reserved stock Sum of all quantities of a material that are reserved for withdrawal. Reserved stock is not available from the point of view of MRP, but for Inventory Management it still counts as unrestricted-use stock.

How do I check my change history in SAP?

Go to SE11 and Input Table CDHDR and in Field list Input Transaction Code MB22 and Object Id as Reservation number in the Respective fields and Execute.

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How do I delete a reserved stock in SAP?

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