What are zoo employees called?

Keepers (who work in zoos) and aquarists (who work in aquariums) provide direct care for animals including feeding, cleaning, enrichment, training, monitoring animal health, and educating the visitors are all part of their daily responsibilities.

What type of organization is a zoo?

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Abbreviation AZA
Founded October 1924 (as American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums)
Type National not-for-profit organization
Tax ID no. 55-0526930
Legal status 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

What is the leader of a zoo called?

General Curator Oversees an institution’s entire animal collection and animal management staff.

What is the highest position in a zoo?

Zoo Director Most zoo directors hold advanced degrees in applicable fields, and many have extensive management, communications, and financial planning experience.

What is a zoo engineer?

In zoos, engineers are responsible for building new exhibits for endangered or rare animals such as a tiger. They ensure the animal is happy in its new home, that the animal cannot escape from its habitat and that the guests have a nice viewing area without encroaching on the Tiger’s personal space.

Do I need a degree to work in a zoo?

Most students seeking zoo careers will major in fields such as biology, zoology, animal behavior, animal science, conservation science, or another related area. Keeper positions may only require an associate degree, though many keepers do have a four-year bachelor of science (BS) degree.

What does it mean when a zoo is accredited?

The Accreditation Commission evaluates every zoo or aquarium to make sure it meets AZA’s standards for animal welfare, care, and management, including living environments, social groupings, health, and nutrition. Every animal at AZA-accredited institutions undergoes a thorough welfare assessment at least once a year.

How many accredited zoos are there in the world?

Currently Accredited Zoos and Aquariums As of December 2021, the total number of AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums is 239. View the list of currently accredited zoos and aquariums, including accredited-through dates.

What is a zoologist?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists study animals and other wildlife and how they interact with their ecosystems. They study the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats.

How much do zoo owners make a year?

Salary Ranges for Zoo Directors The salaries of Zoo Directors in the US range from $17,160 to $197,513 , with a median salary of $152,270 . The middle 50% of Zoo Directors makes between $152,270 and $167,190, with the top 83% making $197,513.

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