What was 5-7-9?

5-7-9 is a low to mid-end fashion retailer, commonly found in malls throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico, and formerly Hawaii. It is a sister company to Rainbow Shops. The chain offers mid to low-priced fashions for young teens and young women between 13 and 22 years of age.

Does Wet Seal still exist?

Wet Seal is an American fast fashion retailer, currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California….Wet Seal.

Former Wet Seal headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California
Founded 1962
Defunct January 27, 2017 (Retail stores only)
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Number of locations Currently online only

What happened to Merry Go Round store?

Merry-Go-Round was a national clothing retail chain owned by Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc., that thrived from the 1970s through the early 1990s. The chain fell into bankruptcy during the mid-1990s, and eventually ceased operation in 1996.

What happened to 5-7-9?

The End of an Era The holding company was in the business of operating and expanding retail chains. They were good at it for a time, and then they weren’t. Edison Brothers Stores went bankrupt in 1999 and sold off its assets, which included the 5-7-9 stores.

Why did Wet Seal go out of business?

According to the Journal, Versa Capital, which acquired the brand for $7.5 million in cash in April 2015, couldn’t raise the necessary funding or find a buyer to keep the brand alive. Wet Seal closed 338 of its then-511 stores in January 2015, shortly before the company filed for bankruptcy protection.

When did chess king go out of business?

November 14, 1995
Chess King

Industry Clothing
Defunct November 14, 1995
Fate Bankruptcy
Headquarters United States
Parent Merry Go Round Enterprises (MGRE)

Does Fashion Bug still exist?

Defunct brands It offered fashion apparel and accessories in plus, misses’ and junior size ranges. In June 2012, Charming Shoppes announced that Fashion Bug stores would be closing; the final stores closed in February 2013.

Will Wet Seal come back?

Wet Seal returned with extended sizing, meaning the retailer is officially back and so much better than ever.

What happened to Wetseal?

Wet Seal can still be found online The retailer had filed for bankruptcy for the second time in its history in 2017 (via Fortune). But a cryptic goodbye message suggested all was not lost, as Bustle advised at the time. Indeed, the hit 90s retailer made a surprise return just last year, just not as a brick-and-mortar.

Who owns JCPenney’s?

O’Neal is the second-largest individual shareholder of Authentic Brands Group, the company behind dozens of brand and retailer acquisitions, including Forever 21, Barneys New York, JCPenney and most recently, Reebok.

Is New York & Company Closing?

New York & Company’s parent company, RTW Retailwinds Inc., filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on July 13. The clothing retailer announced that it was closing all of its stores shortly thereafter.

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