What are ultraluminous infrared galaxies?

Infrared galaxies emit more energy in the infrared than at all other wavelengths combined. A LIRG’s luminosity is 100 billion times that of our sun. Galaxies with luminosities above 1012 L ☉ are ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs).

What type of galaxy is most luminous?

The most luminous galaxies are those that contain quasars at their centres. These remarkably bright superactive nuclei can be as luminous as 2,000,000,000,000 Suns. The underlying galaxies are often as much as 100 times fainter than their nuclei.

What is a starburst in astronomy?

Starburst galaxies are galaxies that are observed to be forming stars at an unusually fast rate (about 103 times greater than in a normal galaxy).

Which type of galaxy always has an active nucleus?

active galactic nucleus (AGN), small region at the centre of a galaxy that emits a prodigious amount of energy in the form of radio, optical, X-ray, or gamma radiation or high-speed particle jets. Many classes of “active galaxies” have been identified—for example, quasars, radio galaxies, and Seyfert galaxies.

Is the Milky Way a starburst galaxy?

However, even though the Milky Way is a normal galaxy, it contains active star-forming regions that resemble starbursts. Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, researchers found that the stars in the Milky Way’s mini-starburst aren’t noticeably different from those made in ordinary star forming regions.

What type of galaxy is a starburst?

A starburst galaxy is a galaxy undergoing an exceptionally high rate of star formation, as compared to the long-term average rate of star formation in the galaxy or the star formation rate observed in most other galaxies.

Is a radio galaxy a quasar?

A Quasar is just one of a number of different Active Galactic Nuclei which also include Blazars, Radio Galaxies and Seyfert Galaxy. Quasars full name is QUASi-StAllar Radio object. The centre of the Milky Way is reputed to be just a supermassive black hole and not a quasar.

What are the 3 main galaxies?

Learn about the three general types of galaxies: spiral, elliptical, and irregular.

What is the rarest type of galaxy?

elliptical double-ringed galaxy
The rarest type of galaxies is the elliptical double-ringed galaxy. PGC 1000714 is an example. Estimates suggest that around 0.1% of galaxies are this type. It is sometimes named the Hoag-type galaxy.

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