How do you craft in TERA?

To craft items you need to be at a crafting shop, and have both item recipe and materials required. One important thing to note is that items in TERA come in different qualities: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue) and legendary (orange).

How do you smelt in TERA?

Ingots are made in the smelting tab ( press J and look for smelting ) after that you just need to buy the ingot recipe from a smelting master or w/e they are called in HW and start crafting . You dont need to be near a crafting station to craft just press J and boom your hitting the air like a madman .

How do you get production points in TERA?

You can regen Production Points in 3 ways… – Every five minutes you automatically get 5 Production Points, it does not matter if you are logged in or offline. – You can buy a “Twice Cured Loot Box” or “Once Cured Loot Box” from the EMP store, or buy a “Crafter Cure” or “Crafter’s Cure All” from the Trade Broker.

When can you start crafting in TERA?

Once you have a specific crafting skill at level 50, you can start using the refined materials to make stuff (i.e. Once you are have a skill of 50 in Tailoring, you can start using the Verdracloths you converted from the raw Verdra Fiber or extraction).

What level do you have to be to craft in TERA?

After reaching a skill level of 500 in a crafting skill a player is allowed to take an Artisan Test, which will increase the level cap in that skill to 800. However, you may only be an Artisan in one skill per character. Once you reach a skill level of 800, you can test to become a Master Artisan.

How do you fish in TERA?

Fishing requires two items: bait and a fishing rod. Once you have these items you should head to a fishery of your choice. Approach the water and activate your bait first and fishing rod second by either right-clicking it in your inventory or activating it on your skill bar.

Can you craft weapons in TERA?

Weaponsmithing is skill used to craft weapons for all classes. This skill also involves smelting ores that are obtained through mining into ingots, which can then be used to craft weapons, and the melding (refining) of the energy-infused crystals obtained through Essence Gathering.

What is the best fishing rod in TERA?

The Xermetal Rod allows for your chances at high-grade fish to increase along with decreasing your waiting time when fishing. The highest tier (Tier 8), gives you a 25% chance increase at High Grade fish, and a decrease of 12% in waiting time.

How do I fish fillet in TERA?

This item is acquired by dismantling fish. Fish are caught by fishing.

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