How much is Marcopolo Benz?

The Marco Polo van, which starts at a base price of roughly $69,000, will be equipped with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) interface system starting in Spring 2020.

How many seater is a Marcopolo bus?

It features seating capacity for up to 90 passengers (49 seated passengers and 41 standing passengers), in addition to priority seats for people with disabilities, seniors and/or pregnant women, one seat for an obese person and one securement wheelchair area.

Which country made Marcopolo bus?

Marcopolo S.A. (B3: POMO3, POMO4) is a Brazilian bus and coach manufacturer founded on 6 August 1949 in the southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The company manufactures the bodies for a whole range of coaches, e.g. microbus, intercity, and touring models.

How many seats does a luxurious bus have?

This roomy motor coach seats up to 56 passengers and features convenient amenities like WiFi, power outlets, and onboard restrooms.

How many gears does a luxurious bus have?

Power output is 265 kW (355 hp) at 1,750 rpm and is operated via a 6 speed manual gear transmission. The brand’s O 500 chassis is also very economical for bus operators as the electronic motors included in its engine ensure that the bus consumes lower fuel and has a longer life.

Did Marco Polo visit India?

The correct answer is option 2 i.e. Pandya Kingdom. Marco Polo is an Italian traveller who visited India during 1288-1292 AD under the reign of Pandya Kingdom.

What did Marco Polo write about India?

Marco Polo describes an amusing custom: “All the people of this city, as well as of the rest of India, have a custom of perpetually keeping in the mouth a certain leaf called Tembul (paan)… continually chewing it and spitting out the saliva that it excites.

What are the safest seats on a bus?

The safest seat in a school bus is generally in the middle, in an aisle seat on the right hand side, between the tires. It’s safer if there’s a head-on, side and rear-end collision.

Which transport company is the best in Nigeria?

Here Naijauto has put together a list of the top 10 road transport companies in Nigeria, their base and coverage.

  • GIGM (God is Good Motors)
  • ABC Transport.
  • Chisco Transport Company.
  • Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.
  • GUO Transport.
  • Cross Country Motors.
  • Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.
  • Peace Mass transit.

Which class is best in Mercedes?

10 Best Mercedes Models Of The Decade

  • 8 Mercedes-AMG GT.
  • 7 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
  • 6 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.
  • 5 Mercedes-Benz EQC. via Mercedes-Benz.
  • 4 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. via Auto Portal.
  • 3 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. via
  • 2 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan. via Motor Authority.
  • 1 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. via Car Advice.

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