Why is a duffle coat so called?

It’s named after the Flanders clothmaking town of Duffel, where a coarse, thick, waterproof black woollen fabric was once used to make protective clothing (today, both spellings duffle and duffel are accepted).

Who wears a duffle coat?

Celebrities like Jean Cocteau, Jack Nicholson, and David Bowie especially helped to bring the duffle coat into the spotlight in the 60s and 70s. Since then the duffle coat has continued to be a menswear staple.

Where is duffle coat from?

Where the classic design of the duffle coat originates from is difficult to pinpoint, though some sources present unproven claims that the coat was first found in Belgium. The duffle coat does appear to be named after Duffel cloth, which was produced in the province of Antwerp in a town called Duffel.

Who made the original duffle coat?

John Partridge
The exact origins of the duffle coat are unconfirmed. However, it is generally accepted that the contemporary ‘British’ duffle coat was designed in the 1850s by John Partridge, a British purveyor of outerwear.

Are duffle coats preppy?

DUFFLE COATS—those wool toppers equipped with hoods and toggle closures—often evoke Paddington Bear or preppy types at uppity academic institutions.

Is duffle coat warm?

Duffle coats made using this process are extremely warm and reassuringly heavy; a good quality duffle coat can weigh around 2kg, making it a match for extreme temperatures.

Are duffle coats fashionable?

Well over a century old and practically lined with menswear heritage, the duffle coat is fashion at its most historic and most practical.

Do duffle coats have hoods?

The large hoods were designed for a specific reason A duffle coat hood is usually called a ‘pancake hood’ because it’s designed to lie flat against the back of the coat, like a pancake. But why are they so big? Because they were originally designed to fit over officers’ peaked naval caps.

Are duffle coats stylish?

A traditional duffle coat stays true to its sartorial origins and its roomy, flattering cut allows for it to be worn over a suit jacket or sweater, without looking ‘boxy’ or swamping the wearer. So if you’re looking for a close-fitting, modern duffle coat, you’re unlikely to find one at a ‘high end’ duffle retailer.

Are duffle coats popular in Japan?

Duffel coats are worn across the world and are particularly popular with the Japanese – 40 per cent of Gloverall’s market is in Japan.

Do duffle coats look good?

Just like a peacoat, the duffle looks stylish with everything, from trousers to skirts, but its hood and boxy style means it’s not quite as smart. Chunky knitwear is a dream match for the cosy duffle; it’s ideal for outdoor weekend adventures and keeps you cosy, but it’s more practical than polished.

Should a duffle coat be oversized?

When it comes to duffle coats, don’t oversize. Go for modern cuts to avoid any unnecessary puffiness. Remember, they are naturally larger, so getting the right size is vital; you don’t want it to drown you. First of all, determine when and on what sort of occasions you are most likely to be wearing your coat.

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