Is there a cat version of Monopoly?

The Cat (Lovers’) Edition of the Monopoly game is the first MONOPOLY game featuring adorable images of the most popular cat breeds as properties, allowing cat lovers everywhere to own all of their favorite feline breeds.

What did the cat replace in Monopoly?

the iron
Fans of Monopoly have voted to replace the iron with a cat-shaped playing piece in the popular board game. Following a month-long online poll, toy maker Hasbro said the feline design had beaten competition from a robot, helicopter, diamond ring and a guitar.

When was the cat piece added to Monopoly?

In 2013, the company held a “Save Your Token” vote to determine which classic token would be replaced. The iron was ditched and a cat charm took its place.

How do you play cat Monopoly?

In this Monopoly game with a twist, players collect cats, buy cat properties, and win Cat Fights. PLAY FOR CATS NOT CASH: Forget the cash in this Monopoly game. Instead, cats are currency. Scoop ’em up or give ’em up throughout the game.

Is Cat-Opoly the same as Monopoly?

Answer: The game is the same as monopoly but with cat properties and tokens.

Why did Monopoly get rid of the thimble?

However, three of the original tokens – the thimble, the boot, and the wheelbarrow – didn’t attract quite enough votes to make the cut. The least popular token was the wheelbarrow, with just 60,000 votes.

What 3 Monopoly pieces were removed in 2017?

The Monopoly thimble was retired in 2017 after coming bottom in a fan vote. It was one of three pieces retired at the time, replaced by the t-rex, the rubber ducky, and the penguin.

What tokens are in Monopoly?

There are currently eight Monopoly tokens in the game. These are the dog, the battleship, the race car, the top hat, the cat, the penguin, the t-rex, and the rubber ducky.

How much money do you start with in Cat-Opoly?

Amount of Money Each Player Starts With They’re broken down into two $500, four $100, one $50, one $20, two $10, one $5, and five $1.

What is Cat-Opoly?

This game has all the excitement of a traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists! HERE’S A QUICK IDEA OF HOW TO PLAY. Buy your favorite cats then collect Litter Boxes and trade them in for Fish Bones. Sounds easy enough unless you get fleas, start chasing mice, or have to clean the litter boxes!

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