How big is the Mamba at Worlds of Fun?

205 foot tall
A 205 foot tall high speed steel roller coaster. With two large drops, several air time hills and an intense helix, this coaster gives riders the experience of strong accelerations and weightlessness.

How fast is the Mamba Worlds of Fun?

75 mphMAMBA® / Max speed

The Ride of Mamba After the intense plunge down the behemoth, Mamba reaches speeds up to 75-mph before climbing and descending another 184-foot hill, which is taller than most roller coasters.

How long is the Mamba ride at Worlds of Fun?

3 minutesMAMBA® / Duration

How steep is the Mamba?

Poisonous because the narrow Piste No. 14 with a gradient of 63 % is by far the steepest piste in the entire glacier ski resort, and poisonous because once in the “Black Mamba” there is no getting out. But the experts among the skiers and boarders just love the challenge of this slope.

How long is Mamba roller coaster?

5,600′MAMBA® / Track length

How high is the drop of the Mamba?

205′MAMBA® / Drop

How many Gs does the Mamba pull?

Mamba (roller coaster)

Duration 3:00
Max vertical angle 66°
Capacity 1700 riders per hour
G-force 3.5

How tall is the Mamba in Kansas City?

205 feet
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Worlds of Fun Location Kansas City, Missouri, USA Status Operating since April 18, 1998 Cost $10,000,000 USD
Height 205 feet
Drop 205 feet
Top speed 75 mph
Length 5600 feet

How fast is the Prowler at Worlds of Fun?

51 mphProwler / Max speed

How tall is the Prowler at Worlds of Fun?

102′Prowler / Height

How many g’s is Fury 325?

At 81 degrees, the drop is almost vertical. In the middle of the drop, the riders even experience 1.5 seconds of weightlessness until they reach the bottom of the drop, which by then riders will hit a top speed of 95 miles per hour (mph) with a maximum vertical G-Force of approximately 4.0.

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