What is JCB biggest excavator?

The Stage V 220X, our most advanced 20 tonne tracked excavator ever.

How good are JCB excavators?

JCB has designed and built a very tidy, mid-range, high-spec, competitively priced and innovative range of new excavators. If the reliability and service of the excavator range can get anywhere close to that of the JCB backhoe range we could certainly find a new major player on the Australian market.

Which type of excavator is JCB?

JCB Excavators. The best-in-class range of JCB Excavators comprises heavy-duty Excavators that exhibit maximum performance, strength, efficiency and productivity. For over four decades, JCB has been a name to be reckoned with among the excavator manufacturers of the world.

What size is a JCB 8018?

1.34m x 3.42m x 2.32m.
The 8018 CTS’s size is 1.34m x 3.42m x 2.32m. The bucket of 8018 CTS has a capacity of 0.04m³ which is average for this type of machine. The JCB 8018 CTS has been equipped and sold with Blade, Track adaption and Rubber track.

Where is JCB based?

The world headquarters is based in Rocester in Staffordshire and there are now 22 factories in total around the world that make all the different types of JCB machines and things like engines and attachments. In India alone, there are 5 factories and JCB machines a regular sight in the cities and towns.

What is the full name of JCB?

Joseph Cyril Bamford
Be it Escorts, Tata, Mahindra or Caterpillar, if the excavators run on four tyres, we prefer to call it a JCB. Actually, JCB is just a brand name. It is the acronym of Joseph Cyril Bamford, founder of JCB Inc that makes construction and excavation equipment.

Where are JCB based?

Staffordshire, England
JCB is a British manufacturer of equipment for construction, agriculture, waste handling, and demolition, founded in 1945 and based in Rocester, Staffordshire, England.

Who builds JCB?

The company Bamford founded—JCB—is now celebrating its 75th anniversary, a year in which it also produced its 750,000th backhoe. Worldwide it now employs 12,000, has 22 plants in five countries and 750 dealers with 2,000 locations. It is still owned by the Bamford family.

How many types of JCB are there?

JCB India introduced its first product, the Backhoe Loader close to four decades ago and has since expanded its product range to 50 different models in eight product categories, i.e., Backhoe Loaders, Tracked Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Compactors, Skid Steer Loaders, Telehandlers, Super Loader and Generators.

What is JCB called?

Actually, the name of this vehicle is ‘Backhoe Loader’, which is called Backhoe Loader.

What ton is a JCB 8018?

1.5 Ton
JCB 8018 1.5 Ton Mini Excavator.

How wide is a JCB mini digger?

700 – 865 mm

Operating weight 875 kg
Maximum dig depth 1690 kg
Width 700 – 865 mm
Engine 9 KW

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