Is gettable a real word?

Yes, gettable is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does attainability mean?

the state of being achievable
Definitions of attainability. the state of being achievable. synonyms: achievability, attainableness. type of: possibility, possibleness. capability of existing or happening or being true.

What does not obtainable mean?

: not capable of being obtained : not available : not obtainable an unobtainable objective a gem so rare as to be virtually unobtainable.

What does gettable mean?

capable of being got
Definition of gettable : capable of being got : attainable, obtainable.

What does it mean to be time bound?

Requiring completion by a specified deadline or within a specified period of time.

What is Permissively?

1 archaic : granted on sufferance : tolerated. 2a : granting or tending to grant permission : tolerant. b : deficient in firmness or control : indulgent, lax.

What’s another word for unobtainable?

What is another word for unobtainable?

unattainable unreachable
inaccessible unavailable
inapproachable inconvenient
untouchable unapproachable
out of stock ungettable

What is the synonym of unobtainable?

out-of-the-way. unachievable. unapproachable. unfeasible. ungettable.

Why is time bound important?

TIME-BOUND Deadlines create an all-important sense of urgency and necessary focus, while helping to set priorities and prompting action. Without deadlines, there may be reduced motivation and resolve required to execute tasks.

What is time bound in strategic management?

Time Bound is what makes the strategic management process possible. Here are four reasons time-bound deadlines matter: They make you prioritize your activities – Knowing what is due by when helps keep you focused on the tasks that matter, whether they be long-term objectives or your day-to-day activities.

What is a permissive rule?

Permissive rules of this Code are those that identify actions that are allowed but not required, are normally used to describe options or alternative methods, and are characterized by the use of the terms shall be permitted or shall not be required.

What is the difference between interlock and permissive?

A Permissive is something that must take place BEFORE another action or sequence of actions can be undertaken. An Interlock is something that takes place as a RESULT of or as PART of another another action or sequence.

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