Who wrote Shree Swasthani Brata Katha?

Jayanta Dev
Shree Swasthani Brata Katha (Nepali: श्री स्वस्थानी ब्रत कथा, lit. ‘Story of the Fast of the Goddess Swasthani’) is a Hindu epic originating from Nepal. It was first written around 1573 by Jayanta Dev in Nepal Bhasa and later gained widespread popularity in the country following its translation into Nepali.

Who wrote Swasthani book?

The texts suggest that Swasthani was first written in Nepal Bhasa (early as 693 Nepal Sambat or around 1573 AD) by Jayanta Dev when the Newar kings were prominent rulers in the Kathmandu Valley.

Why do we celebrate Swasthani?

Some men also observe this festival. Swasthani is the Hindu deity known for miraculously granting wishes made in a solemn state by the pure. The sacred book originated in ancient civilizations of Nepal. The book has 31 chapters which tell the story of life of various gods and goddesses.

Who is Kumar in Swasthani?

Swasthani Brata Katha is basically a story narrated by Lord Kumar (Kartikay), elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, to Saint Agasthi about the formation of the universe. When Agasthi Muni wanted to know how this universe was formed, Kumar starts the storytelling him about the formation of the universe.

What is Swasthani story?

The stories are mainly about devotees, who commit sins out of ignorance but are redeemed by the grace of Goddess Swasthani. There is also the story of goddess Parvati, who observes the Swasthani rituals hoping to get Lord Shiva as her husband.

Who is Swasthani goddess?

Shree Swasthani is a Hindu goddess (Parameshwari) and is responsible for the good fortune, welfare and Power. She is mostly worshipped in Nepal in the holy month from poush Shukla purnima to magh Shukla purnima with dedicated rituals.

Is Swasthani real?

How many parts are there in Swasthani?

Swasthani concludes today, various types of foods are prepared to mark this auspicious day, every food, flower, and prasad must be divided into 108 pieces as 108 is the auspicious number in Sanatan philosophy.

What is Swasthani Puja?

Shri Swasthani fast is the difficult vow made by Goddess Parbati/Parvati, a devotee of Lord Shiva, to receive Lord Shiva as a bridegroom from her childhood. In this (Brat) Fast, Lord Shiva, who lives with Parvati, is also worshiped.

Is Swasthani Katha real?

Although it has not been proven, it has been suggested that Swasthani was first written in Nepal Bhasa as early as 693 Nepal Sambat or around 1573 AD by Jayanta Dev.

Who is Swasthani Mata?

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