Who is the MP for Sydney?

Alexander Hart Greenwich (born 28 November 1980) is the member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, representing the seat of Sydney since the 2012 Sydney by-election.

What is Jim Chalmers PhD in?

He went on to complete a PhD in political science at the Australian National University, writing his doctoral thesis on the prime ministership of Paul Keating, titled “Brawler statesman: Paul Keating and prime ministerial leadership in Australia”.

How many MPS are there in NSW?

All 93 members of the Legislative Assembly are elected at each general election from single-member districts using optional preferential voting to terms of up to four years.

Who is the MP for North Sydney?

Trent Zimmerman

Trent Zimmerman MP
Assumed office 5 December 2015
Preceded by Joe Hockey
Councillor of North Sydney Council for Wollstonecraft Ward

Who is the leader of New South Wales?

Dominic Perrottet was first elected to the NSW Parliament as Member for Castle Hill on 26 March 2011. He was elected Leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party on 5 October 2021 and was sworn in as the 46th Premier of New South Wales.

Who is the member for Blacktown?

Electoral district of Blacktown

Blacktown New South Wales—Legislative Assembly
MP Stephen Bali
Party Labor Party
Namesake Blacktown
Electors 55,013 (2019)

Where did Jim Chalmers go to school?

Griffith University
The Australian National University
Jim Chalmers/Education

What are Josh Frydenberg qualifications?

Frydenberg completed honours degrees in economics and law at Monash University, where he became president of the Law Students Society, before working at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, a large Australian commercial law firm.

Who is the Member for Moncrieff?

Angie Marion Bell (born 11 July 1968) is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives since the 2019 federal election, representing the Division of Moncrieff in Queensland….Angie Bell.

Angie Bell MP
Assumed office 18 May 2019
Preceded by Steven Ciobo
Personal details

Which electorate is Willoughby in?

Electoral district of Willoughby

Willoughby New South Wales—Legislative Assembly
Party Liberal
Electors 54,988 (2022)
Area 23.56 km2 (9.1 sq mi)
Electorates around Willoughby: Davidson Davidson Wakehurst Lane Cove Willoughby Manly Lane Cove North Shore North Shore

Who is premier of South Australia?

Peter MalinauskasSouth Australia / Premier

Who is the mayor of Blacktown?

Tony Bleasdale
Mayor, Tony Bleasdale, OAM – Ward 5 ProfileBlacktown City’s Mayor, Councillor Bleasdale was first elected to Council in November 1996 serving several terms. Mayor Bleasdale was elected Mayor in October 2019.

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