Does DBM work for Dungeons?

Dungeons for current expansion will always be included as part of base Deadly Boss Mods download. So at this time, Shadowlands dungeon mods are not part of this package but already included in DBM-Core package.

Do you need DBM WoW?

So I think it was around a week or so ago that I decided to completely turn off DBM permanently from the game. Personally I always hated it, it is practically the live cheat code that ruins WoW in my opinion.

How do I update DBM?


  1. Access the DB2 instance.
  2. Update the DBM CFG configuration SSL key file path parameter for the DB2 server.
  3. Update the DBM CFG configuration SSL stash file path parameter for the DB2 server.
  4. Update the DBM CFG configuration service name parameter for the DB2 server.

How do you use DBM?

Type “/dbm” into your chat window to open the DBM settings window. Select the “Options” tab at the top left of the window. On the left side of the settings window you should now see different aspects of the addon listed, such as Raid Warnings and Bar Setup.

How do you move a DBM bar in Shadowlands?

When out of combat the DBM windows can be moved rather easily by opening the Options with ‘/dbm’ and going to General Options > Core & GUI and clicking Move Bars.

Is big wigs better than DBM?

If you’re really bad at raiding or horribly lazy, use DBM because it tells you how to do the fight. Use BigWigs if you want timers and a very minimal amount of guidance but don’t exactly need your hand held through everything.

Is big wigs and DBM the same?

One of the main differences between Bigwigs and DBM is that Bigwigs just tells you what is happening in the boss fight and focuses on providing you with information only, from there you can decide what the best possible move should be.

How do you move a DBM boss timer?

Thread: DBM Timers go DBM Options > General Options > Bar Styles. and click Move Me button. bars will be visible and u will be able to drag them anywhere.

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