How much weight did Tina Malone lose?

At 47, Tina was a size 26 after her “overeating had gotten out of control”. But she lost an amazing 12st and slimmed down to a size 6 after having her gastric band fitted in 2010. Not only did she feel overjoyed with her new look, but Tina says the decision affected every other aspect of her life too.

How did Tina Malone lose all her weight?

Tina lost more than seven stone after having a gastric band fitted. She had embraced a healthy new diet and took up exercise at a fitness bootcamp, where she met a hunky personal trainer who caught her eye.

Who is Tina Malone married to?

Paul ChaseTina Malone / Spouse (m. 2010)

How did Mimi Maguire lose weight?

Malone, who plays Mimi Maguire in the hit Channel 4 show, has lost an amazing 10 stone in the past two years ago following two gastric band operations. The 5ft 1in star was at her heaviest in 2008, weighing 19st 2lb and wearing a size 26.

When did Tina Malone get a gastric band?

‘ In 2010, 5ft 1in Tina underwent two gastric operations to help her to get her unhealthy eating habits under control. ‘I know the difference between a piece of broccoli and a cream cake, but I couldn’t help myself,’ she told Closer magazine at the time.

Is Tina Malone still married?

Tina Malone has confirmed she’s back together with her estranged husband after the pair split last October. The former Shameless actress, 56, says that after enduring ‘two years of hell’, she had asked her toyboy lover Paul Chase, 37, for a divorce.

What age is Tina Malone?

59 years (January 30, 1963)Tina Malone / Age

Who is Paul Chase?

Chase, who served as a federal judge, Paul Chase was born in Whitingham, Vermont and raised in Brattleboro….

Paul A. Chase
Paul A. Chase in 1925
Associate Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court
In office 1953–1956
Preceded by Stephen S. Cushing

Where does Tina Malone live?

Personal life. Malone runs her own acting school, To Be Frank Productions, in Manchester, where she lives.

Who did Tina Malone play in Brookside?

Mo McGee
Christina Malone (born 30 January 1963) is an English actress, best known for playing Mimi Maguire in the Channel 4 series Shameless. She also played Mo McGee in Brookside.

Where is Mimi from Shameless now?

Tina Malone – Mimi Maguire Tina appeared in the comedy show until its end in 2013 but was known prior to the show for her work in Dinnerladies and Brookside. Nowadays, she’s appeared in prison drama Clink as Elaine McDermott in 2019.

Where is Mimi from shameless now?

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