Can you wear Elven chain with armor?

You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wear this armor. You are considered proficient with this armor even if you lack proficiency with medium armor. Made of interlocking metal rings, a chain shirt is worn between layers of clothing or leather.

How does Elven chain work?

Elven chain in 5e gives a +1 bonus to AC and the proficiency if the character does not already have it. The DEX bonus restriction is always applied to an armour, even enchanted one, unless the description says otherwise.

Can Wizards wear Elven chain?

“A multi-classed wizard can freely combine the powers of the wizard with any other class allowed, although the wearing of armor is restricted. Elves wearing elven chain can cast spells in armor, as magic is part of the nature of elves.”

What is Elven chain made of?

Elven Chain is a chain mail shirt made of interlocked metal rings. It is worn between layers of clothing or leather, and its rings are muffled by the outer layers.

Does Elven chain stack with mage armor?

They do stack. You can only use one item, ability, spell etc.

What kind of armor can elves wear?

Elves avoid metal, stone and plastic. For one thing, dwarven metal bending and rock bending make such constructs vulnerable to dwarven attacks, in proportion to the amount of metal and stone found within them. Elven armor, therefore, consist of biological matter.

Is Elven chain magical 5e?

Elven chain is just mithril chainmail with a +1000 gp cost to make it considered light armor for the purposes of proficiency. It is not itself magical nor is there any reason it could not be so enhanced.

Can a Bladesinger use Elven chain?

Bladesinger Chain is enchanted elven chain armor +4, which can be worn also by thieves and requires 5 strength points to wear this.

How much does Elven chain cost?

It is considered light armor and weighs 20 pounds. No aura (nonmagical); Price 4,150 gp.

Can rogues wear Elven chain?

Elven chain is treated as light armor in all ways. To use normal mithril chain you need medium armor proficiency or you suffer armor check penalties. The 1000gp is because the elven chain allows characters such as bards, barbarians, and rogues to use light armor without non-proficiency penalties.

Can elves wear metal?

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